I am currently a Senior ICT Officer (Communication Affairs) at the Gambia’s Ministry of Information and Communication Infrastructure; overseeing over 21 ministries and government institutions; I am in charge of supporting government’s rebranding initiative via the utilization of ICT tools at the Ministry of Information and Communication Infrastructure.

An Africana Studies / Communication Studies: Public Relations degree holder, I am an active member of the new generation of Africans, utilising ICTs in order to highlight their countries in good light.

I am also currently the focal person for Girls and young Women in ICT at my Ministry; a member of the Gambia’s National Science, Technology and Innovation (STI) committee and co-writer of the policy’s ICT component; and a national committee member and secretary of the country’s E-Judiciary project – digitizing The Gambia’s Judiciary.

Parallel to my Ministry post, I am also a writer, with a newspaper column, called KAT’s Take. The column focuses on contemporary African women issues. I also contribute to www.Balafong.com and was just published in the December 2014 issue of New African Woman Magazine. I also run my own Communications and Business Transaction Service business called, MakalliMatta Consuting. I have greatly utilized the Internet to make connections the world over for my work, particularly in my business transaction services business, which aims at promoting Gambia as an investment hub within the region.

I have first-hand benefited from the opportunities the Internet has brought about. This is mainly from my work with the ministry, within my own business that is mostly conducted online and with my writing, which has given me a huge online presence. The internet has created a platform for young Gambians in the diaspora in particular to get inspired by my work -- it has become a window for them to see the life of a young contemporary African woman through me.

I believe my blogging on my Facebook page since returning back from the States, where I migrated to at the age of 13, six years ago and my newspaper column have motivated many diasporan Gambians to come home. The real picture of both challenges and gains I live and share has given many the courage to return and contribute to nation building.

The immediate impact of the internet has also given me the zest to further push my aspirations of being a dynamic young female global leader; a communications and entrepreneurial icon; women and girls’ activist; and writer in order to effectively contribute to shaping the world gender agenda for social equity and Africa’s sustained human development and prosperity.

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That's a lot to accomplish! Women need to take leadership such as yours to make our own world better prepared thereby connected to the whole world.

I'm here in the US but Africa is always on my mind, maybe its 200 girls in Nigeria or women's safety in Congo and other countries and the ways we try to help each other often when men use violence against women to control.

Thank you for your comment. The internet has made it possible for our hearts to beat as one. As women, we indeed have to take up each other's plight. This phenomenal platform is enabling our voices to be heard louder with a click as in the case of the #bringbackourgirls campaign.

Wow, you have achieved so much. I truly value your dynamic spirit and how you lead the next group of passionate women. God Bless.

Love and Peace, Kaity

Hello Khadijah,

Thank you for sharing your story on the internet. I think speaking about your challenges and successes really does help inspire others to face their own. You have accomplished quite a lot in a short period of time and I hope you continue to help shape the world's agenda for gender equality and the rebuilding of Gambia.


DearKhadija Nice to see such empowered women wirking for women of her country Much respect for you and your work from Sudan Stay strong Olla

It is never too late to try make your way to your dream and left up your expectation.Sudanes Women Building Peacewww.suwepmovement.org

Thank you all for your motivating words. We are indeed in this together as women -- paving the way for the next generation. It is our job to show young girls that they can be truly leaders in any chosen field and that giving back is just as fulfilling as making money.

What a wonderful article, Khadijah and very inspiring! It's really great that thanks to your dedication to promoting equality and women's rights, you have inspired others to follow your lead and to want to make a difference in Gambia. I also can see that the internet has been incredibly beneficial in enabling to feel empowered and to involve yourself in many projects that promote Gambia/Gambian culture and that has encouraged Gambians to come home and contribute to making a difference in their communities. You have accomplished so much and I hope that you will continue to write, inspire, and be an instigator of change! Lea

Dear Khadijah

Wow, you're a busy woman! You have accomplished so much, and it's fantastic to read about the goals that you've set yourself. With your drive, determination and hard work, I'm sure you will achieve all that you set out to. Your work in ICT in government alongside your writing and business sound like a dynamite combination to achieve your goals.

Thanks for sharing a link to your blog - looking forward to reading more of your writing!

Best wishes Dani