dreams are a gift
  • dreams are a gift

I open my eyes to a new dawn, disoriented

I stare up at the ceiling trying to hold on to the strands of a dream that had seem so real,

And a smile forms across my face. Yes, I had a dream.

God’s gift, a microscopic view of the future

Snippets of wisdom

Bits and pieces of a puzzle that is life

Some dream good, some dream bad, some dream big, some dream small

No matter the dream, all are mere compasses of life

Every vision begins with a dream

Every quest begins with a dream

Every success story begins with a dream

We can only make them a reality, when we make that crucial decision to get out of bed

When we make that crucial decision to act on those dreams

Dreams are the foundational key to solving life’s puzzle

The key to a healthier you

The key to all forms of success

The key to all that is hoped for

Dream, embrace, act