For every edition of World Pulse Magazine, we ask you—our online community—to submit 400 word true stories on a selected theme for our My Story department. Thank you to all the participants who are rapidly turning My Story into a reader favorite!

The topic for this edition was "Miracles" and almost 160 of you submitted surprising, beautiful, and inspiring stories about the miracles in your lives. Congratulations to angelique gatsinzi, bhavya, and parwana fayyaz whose stories have struck a special chord, and who will each receive a $100 honorarium and publication in the Summer/Fall 2011 edition of World Pulse Magazine.

You can read the award winning stories here:

Angelique Gatsinzi: Unchained Miracles Bhavya: Here I Am, A Woman. Parwana Fayyaz: March 8, 1990

The following stories have also been selected to appear in the upcoming edition of World Pulse Magazine. Congratulations!

Noon: Slapping the Slapper Jane Frances Mufua: I Spoke For Myself and My Sisters Cynda Collins Arsenault: Miracles of Erin Bhagya: An Angel’s Visit to Tea Bushes

We invite you to look over the many, many wonderful entries that we didn't have room to publish in the magazine.

We loved reading every one of your stories, and we encourage everyone who submitted a story this time around to consider submitting again in the future. Look out for the announcement of the next My Story topic and submission guidelines this summer.

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Dearest Fellows: The Voice of An Afghan woman can be this much powerful, I have believed it when I entered AUW, Asian University for Women, but an Afghan woman can find back her voice through the friends and supporters from around the world only by a Website, WorldPulse, I never thought about it. I am really thankful of WorldPulse for its innovative way of 'speaking for myself' through my voice, tone, and writings. The very special thanks go to the most inspiring people of my life. My parents, brothers, sisters, friends, fellows, Afghanistan, and AUW. Thanks, Best regards, Parwana Fayyaz

I stood in the corner of the changing cubicle at work ( I am a part-time fashion sales advisor) waiting patiently for customers to come through with hordes of clothing so I could have something to do; but they never came. That afternoon I picked up a pen, ripped a piece of cardboard from a shoe box a customer had said she didn't want and I thought about my miracles. How impossible was it to think of the things that made my life special in 400 words. But I finally did and I am super elated to have come this far. I never ever thought in my life writing would be something I would be told I am good at, because I hate writing academic papers. I am thankful that I have found a medium to share my thoughts, and be appreciated! This is the first thing I have won in my life, and I hope it is just the beginning!

Thank you, I so much look forward to showing my parents and siblings a copy of the magazine! These are the people who gave me the memories! =D

And who would have thought, as you struggled against the tide of those waves, that they would open up in more ways than God allowed on that very day?!

Very happy for you indeed!

from today i live out of my imagination i am more than my yesterday tomorrow i plant a new seed nothing that lies behind easy nothing that is ahead real my within is all i have today Napo Masheane

I am sitting at my computer and shaking. I cannot believe I am one of the winners. I am so touched that my story made it into your hearts. Thank You So Very Much.

I am sitting at my computer and shaking. I cannot believe I am one of the winners. I am so touched that my story made it into your hearts. Thank You So Very Much.

Many many congratulations to the winners. The miracles are indeed so inspiring and touching. I wish all the best to each of them and I would also like to congratulate who did not made to the winners, including myself :) as I believe we all are winners in our own way that could lived the miracles in our lives. In my story I shared how an angel helped me to achieve my dream and today, because of her, seven more achieved their dream and indeed it was miracle for them as well. More information can be found in

Thanks to world pulse for giving us this platform that we can share and learn.

Congratulations - your talent is nothing that can be graded, taught or coached in the way academic writing is :-) Keep ripping those corners off shoe boxes - I look forward to reading more from you.