About Me: I am a psychologist and writer. I believe that the future of humanity depends on the world's people, especially its women, shouting about the issues which are affecting the mothers, wives, sisters and daughters of the world. I want to do my part to promote awareness and dialogue about the issues which are burying our daughers and our sisters. I simply can't do anything else. There are many in the world who consider those who are free from harm and poverty to be the fortunate ones. It should not be about fortune. The 'freedom to be' is a most basic human right and should not be only for the 'fortunate' ones. When this freedom is in the hands of us all, then we can feel safely held in the arms of a humanity which has finally accepted that all life itself, regardless of who it belongs to, is sacred. As women, we have a profound capacity for greatness. Every single one of us. We can make a difference. We can shout so loudly that we wake up the neighbours, and they can no longer slumber on these issues. We can open the eyes of the world so wide, that it can never again look away.

My Passions: Writing, the education of women and girls

My Vision for the Future: To be held in the arms of a humanity where all lives are sacred and where everybody has a name.

My Areas of Expertise: psychology


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We are so glad you finally find where your voice will go so loud as to wake the world not only neighbours from slumber, the world is asleep but they will listen when billion women shout out at the same time, this is our platform, it presents opportunities for us all, from Rwanda to Papua New Guinea, you are welcome my dear. Pleas be free to explore this site, it presents several opportunities. The annual Voices of our Future program comes up in Mid September, please avail yourself of this beautiful opportunity. Join teh online applicants and you will not regret it. Welcome once again my dear.

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Thank you so much for your welcome. I feel very privileged to be a part of such an amazing community of women and am excited by the potential for dialogue and connection. Warmest regards, Karen.