The most exciting aspect of Web 2.0 is that it has no borders. The internet and Web 2.0 have removed the physical barriers to communication. Because of this, we have been able to share ideas, thoughts, learnings, opportunities, and strengths around the world.

Women now have the opportunity to share their thoughts and ideas without worrying about being in the same location. A women in Kenya can now easily share an idea with another women in Sri Lanka, and those women can then reach out to another women in Canada. This sharing of knowledge without needing a physical presence can empower women across the globe and give them a voice at the table.

It also allows women who share their stories of injustice and suffering know that they are not alone. I found the story of Noha Atef and her blog to be especially moving. Her blog has allowed women without a voice to share their stories and expose a horror that is happening to thousands of women around the world. If people do not respond to cases of abuse, it is as if we do not care. Web 2.0 has given these women a voice and every time somebody reads their stories and responds to them or shares them, it allows those women to know that people around the world care about them and are outraged by what is happening.

By using a variety of social networking and online tools including PulseWire, I have been able to read about and learn from others around the world. Hearing other people’s stories of success has been very encouraging and empowering for me. I look forward to continuing to hear these stories and share what I learn with others.

Personally, I have kept my own blog ( on events that are happening in my community and articles that inspire me. I have had a specific focus on environmental sustainability and international development. I hope that in sharing what is happening in my community, people can become more involved and find ways that they can contribute towards change. I hope to continue to share these stories and find more ways to get the word out.

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Thank you for your words. It is great that eventhough you hold your own blog you share and appreciate Web 2.0 and World Pulse community. It is really amazing and interesting place that creates common ground for all of us. Keep on reading through the stories expressed within and hope to read more about you. Peace to you Eliana


I love your very first sentence! A place that has no borders, what a wonderful place indeed. The elements of access to information, shining a light on injustice, lending a helping hand, reaching out to support one another, and raising awareness to bring about change. It really is all about connecting and I thank you for writing about all the possibilities for a better future.

Keep it up! With Appreciation,


I completely agree with you that one of the most amazing aspects of web 2.0 is that it allows women all over the world to connect, to share, and to realize that they are not alone! You make some great points, and I'll definitely be checking out your personal blog as well!