In today's world, all kinds of evil exist. Witchcraft is prevalent especially in Africa; you need not offend anybody nowadays before they set out to attack you spiritually.

As I slept one night, I felt an invisible evil hand press me down. I struggled. I shouted the name of Jesus - my refuge and strong tower. No sound came. My voice was mysteriously silenced.

By morning, I felt completely weak. I couldn't get up from bed. I tried several times to get up. But fell down.

Still lying down, I prayed for God to strengthen me. I must have prayed for thirty minutes. A bit of relief came, though my body ached and I groped in pains. I mustered all the strength within me, manage to get up, struggled to get dressed, and as slowly as my legs carried me, I went to see a friend staying close by. He's a member of the Lord's Chosen Church – a ministry given to apostolic signs and wonder. I've attended several programs of this church before and I have seen the manifest power of God demonstrated.

My friend was alarmed by my predicament. I quickly narrated my ordeal and requested for one of his anointed ‘miracle’ handkerchiefs. He told me he'd none left, that he gave the ones he had to some people in dire need of God's intervention.

I then remembered someone bought me an apron during one of the Church's program. Inscribed on that apron was the theme of the program 'FROM SORROW TO JOY'. I recalled the man of God Pastor Lazarus Muoka assuring the multitude that attended that by merely putting on that apron, miracles of all sorts will abound unto them.

I believed.

Still groping in pains, I went back home. I searched for my apron and put it on in faith.

I then prayed.

I began to proclaim God's protection upon myself. For no weapon formed against me shall prosper (Isaiah 54: 17)…etc. Suddenly, the miracle took place. Behold. The heaviness was gone. How I felt life come into my being again and my strength became renewed as the Eagle's. The yoke had been lifted off my shoulders. I began to shout in joy – I AM HEALED!! I AM FREE! GOD HAS TRUNCATED THE PLANS OF THE WICKED!!! I began to thank God for the miraculous freedom. I am a living testimony of God’s inexplicable miracle.

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Dear Kokpomo,

Thank you for sharing your powerful and moving testimony of faith and miracles. May your strong faith continue to provide you strength, comfort and peace.

With gratitude,

Linda Ando

With Gratitude,

Linda M. Ando

Dear Linda Ando,

Thank you very much for taking the time to go through my testimony of God's ever-sure miracles and for your kind comment. Faith is indeed a prerequisite to tapping into the riches of God's kingdom and the healing power in the blood of Jesus. May you too find strength,comfort and peace and experience astounding miracles.


I have read many times about witchcraft in Africa and hearing it first count is a bit scary but at the same time, it is amazing to see the power of prayer and faith. I believe that your story is very compelling and I am so glad you are sharing with all of us! :-)

"I embrace emerging experience. I am a butterfly. Not a butterfly collector." - Stafford

Dear Contreras,

Thank you very much for finding time to read through my testimony and for your kind comment. Yes, sorcery and witchcraft is still being commonly practiced in Africa especially in the rural areas. But we thank God for the advent of Christianity,especially the Pentecostal and deliverance assemblies. Prayer is the key,the master key, to receiving the promises of God. For Christ came to set the captives free. Christ made a show of principalities and power, truimphing over them. I wish you peace and prosperity in Jesus name.



How do you do? Thank you so much for writing. You are a Nigerian like myself,so you understand how these things are back here.Yes,I am perfectly alright now. All glory be to God. I wish I could come to Ile-Ife (the cradle of the Yoruba race) one day to explore the cultural richness of the locale. God be with you always. Stay blessed.