About Me: Female by genital Identity but not by 'Gender'. Married but definitely not a 'wife'. Mother by Social Role, but out of Motherhood. Follower of Marxist-Socialist-Feminism. As an Indian I also take pride to say that we have great leaders like E.V. Ramasamy, fondly called as ;Periyar and Dr. Ambedkar who have contributed to the up-liftment of Women in Indian Society. I follow their Path also. I have written articles in Tamil on feminism, translated few feminist / Marxist articles in Tamil. Founded MASES - Movement Against Sexual Exploitation and Sexism (9.12.2011). Lives in Chennai, Tamil Nadu, India.

My Passions: writing

My Challenges: Feminist Writing

My Vision for the Future: Human Liberation

I Follow Marxist,Socialist,Feminist philosophy + Periyarist, Ambedkarist, Buddhism thoughts


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