MASES – பாலியல் சுரண்டல் மற்றும் பாலியல்வாதத்திற்கு எதிரான அமைப்பு

Movement against Sexual Exploitation and Sexism

Gender stereotyping create stress & wrong ideologies in the minds of Men, Women, the Gender Queer and the society as a whole. The Male Dominant Ideology engages itself in categorizing People, infuse discrimination in the society based on Caste, Color, Creed, Race, Religion, Class and Gender. These Constructed Sexist Ideologies also portray that ‘beauty & color” is an important 'Value'. M.A.S.E.S is a group that aims Opposing 'Gender bias, Concept of Beauty, Color, Sexism and Genderism’, Sexual, Economic & any other forms of exploitation based on Gender, Caste, Color, Creed, Religion, Physical Evaluation.

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