Menstrual hygiene talk
Menstrual hygiene talk: Giving a talk on menstrual hygiene to school girls
  • Menstrual hygiene empowerment workshp
  • Menstrual hygiene management workshop

The BBC has been running a series about inspiring women across Africa, and followers of BBC Africa's Facebook and Twitter pages have nominated their local heroines.

Here is a selection of 10 nominees:

And yours truly is humbled to be among the top 10 

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Congratulations, Kujamac! This is so exciting and so well-deserved! I was also excited to see that Chi Yvonne Leina nominated you. =D

I'm guessing you're already connected with them on World Pulse, but did you know that Urmila Chanam and Olutosin are also involved in girls' menstruation education in India and Nigeria respectively? 

Greetings Emily.

Thank you lots .I am blessed by the kind and encouraging words.

Yes I am connected to World Pulse and have also read about the works of the two change makers Urmila Chanam  of India and Olutosin of Nigeria.They're both doing great work on menstrual hygiene managemnet in their countries.I applaud their efforts. The time is now for us as women leaders to create solutions that will  end all taboos and stigmas on menstruation and give women and girls the self they deserve.

Thanks again Emily.

Bless you.




Dear Kujamac,

Congratulations on this incredible honor! Wishing you all the best in your work -- you are an inspiration to women everywhere!

Warm regards,


Lisa Kislingbury Anderson 

World Pulse Encourager Lead

Hello Lisa.

Hope you're fairing well.With hands over heart, I thank you immensely. I feel very blessed by your kind and empowering words.Looking forward to having an exciting ,educating and life changing next six months under your leadsership with Mme Chi Leina.

Thank you Lisa and do stay blessed,

Yours truly,