A full Glass of water
A full Glass of water: The more you give,the more you get.Don't be afraid to share

Life is a school for sure and we get to learn new things everyday. Someone used a glass of water to illustrate something recently at an event and I thought it was so fascinating.

When you have a full glass of water will there be any space for more? Absolutely no.You can only pour out some of the water in order to create space for more.

Many of us a blessed and I mean loaded with so many great gifts,talents,money,resources,networks,influence,food andclothes to name a few.But we are unable to share with other  due to selfishness

Sister Olutosin Oladosu Adebowale from Nigeria once said;

"No woman can lift a woman out of poverty and still remain poor. When you lift a woman, you are lifted too. When you empower other women, you become empowered, when you train other women on skill acquisition , you become trained too and when you mentor a woman, you become an expert in public speaking and coaching. When you do it for a woman, you have done it for several women and at the same time, you did it for yourself.I am willing to share my experience anytime anyday anywhere. Its working for me too"

So why tell the story of a glass and water anyway?

Last year I attended some UN side events like the Commission on the Status of Women( CSW) and others outside the United Nations building.This is UN week here in New York with many events going on till he 24th of March.I went down there but returned with something concerning.One complain seemed to have been raised in all these events.( from last year and this year)

Many women from the  African continent complained that leaders do not walk the talk.After all the big talks/speeches and promises made at the UN during these events most women leaders do not really follow through with their promises.They hand out business cards but never respond to emails.

So I respectfully ask you this.Yes to really stir your souls.To provoke you to think about the kind of leader you are or want to be.What kind of change do you want to see in the world? Are you working towards that change?

Acknowledging first of all that no one is perfect,are you trying your best to be the kind of leader who walks the talk?Are you the kind of leader you want to see in the world?

After all the beautifully written posts with all kinds of sweet words posted here and on Facebook,do you spare time to help your sisters both online and offline?

Do you sacrifice even a few minutes of your time to mentor sisters who want to start their own organizations or do something with their lives?

It has been said that most of us (African) are either selfish with ideas or do not like to help others.Do you share ideas with sisters?

Do you see someone who is falling or taking a wrong step and reach out to re-direct them in a loving way? Or do you do the normal--laugh at them with other friends?

What are you willing to do to create the change you want to see in the world especially  among women?

What are you willing to do?

I learned that the universe is so big and can accummodate all our gifts and talents.

And I learned that when you water others,you water yourself.

I learned that when you redeem others,you redeem yourself.

And I learned that you are enriched by the lives you impact positively

Let's walk the talk the best we can in order to be the change we want to see in the world.

With much love to sisterhood.


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Kujamac thanks for highlighting this. Truly illustrating this issue with a glass of water is quite educative. As a teacher I agree with this power of sharing. Most teachers who are celebrated by their students are those who go an extra mile to see every learner gain something during lessons. That's why we never forget teachers who made an impact in our lives.

Therefore calling on all women to share what they have and mentor as many as they can, is what African women leaders need to practice. I end by saying if any leader makes a commitment to mentor at least 5 women yearly then we will be going somewhere.

I particularly like this post because you have done a lot of mentoring. I can't count the number of times you have responded to me when I need guidance on something. Frankly you are one of the people I celebrate as my mentor because you took time off to mould my dreams

Sally Maforchi Mboumien

Founder/Coordinator COMAGEND Cameroon

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Hey Masalien's We are in the world today because we stand on the shoulders on great men and women who were selfless enough to leave the world better than they met it.We are the torch bearers today and must learn to share what we have with others. I am out here learning from great women who spare their time to listen to me and help to direct me so that my vision will come to pass.I will do the same to other women and girls God being my helper.There is so much beauty and joy in sharing and mentoring. I thank you for acknowledging that the little time I spare to be with you online is helping and leading you towards your dreams. I am empowered by those honest words. I will do it again. Do pass it on. Much love.



Dear  Kujamac,i thank you very much for taking out your time to write this post.Actually some people do things not knowing the effect of it.This post has deepen my knowledge on the importance of sharing 


Jane kalu


Hello Jane. Thank you sis for stopping by.I am glad you found the post helpful. Yes even the good book says" my people perish because of lack of knowledge". Sharing the little bits we know as leaders goes a long way. Much love sis and stay blessed. Kuja.