About Me: Hi, I'm a Zimbabwean/South African/English person. I'm a social scientist, musician, and digital artist/animator with an interest in social justice...at the moment I'm particularly interesting in making links between artists and academics, between the dry policy makers, and the people at the forefront of popular culture. I was born in London to South African parents. I grew up in Zimbabwe. I went to University in South Africa - I've worked all over the place. I'm passionate about the new growth in Infoactivists who are carving out new online spaces...I currently work for a research consortium based in West Africa, Latin America, South Asia and the Middle East.

My Passions: animation jazz art design people fairness kindness stories

My Challenges: many!

My Vision for the Future: a more egalitarian world

My Areas of Expertise: digital audio, video, photography, digital art, animation, project management, social science research, visual anthropology, gender