I have never had my own blog but for about five years now, I have actively participated in many online communities. It is always interesting to meet people from different parts of the world virtually as it amazes one how easy someone you have never and might never meet easily becomes a companion. The issue of sharing cannot be overemphasized as far as blogs and any kind of online collaborations are concerned. Thinking about all these with all circumstances constant or notwithstanding, online communities are just the thing for this generation. It is a prospect of bringing solutions and fun closer home. However, if the different situations faced by people around the world are brought into consideration, staying online is such an uphill task for most people. Personally, I often find myself reeling with comments and ideas regarding a subject going around in an online community I may be participating in. But when it comes to the actual posting reality strikes and in the end it might pass without my participation. To be precise, resources are a great determiner to accessing knowledge and information as in any other human need. Access to internet for many of us is a luxury rather than necessity as it ought to be. Using a computer in a cyber cafe means money and prioritizing on all the needs, this will definitely be at the periphery of the budget. Sometimes there might be a little cash to spare but it could never be enough to ensure that one remains constantly at par with the rest in the online community. The slow or low bandwidth available in our locality does little to help the situation as I often end up doing less for more money.

Accessing a personal computer that is connected to the net in the house seems to me the long term solution to my impediments. This however means a long term budgeting which might take sometimes considering the current economic situations and the fact that I am not in employment at the time. This however does not stop me from continuing with the passion for blogging and actually my blog is due probably after our last assignment. With whatever little one has it is better to do something than wait for big things that might never come to pass. My other great drive is ensuring that I remain abreast with current and relevant topics that would excite other bloggers. Looking out for opportunities that might generate some income through blogging is another sustainable option worth venturing. Ultimately it is the search for alternatives that makes one succeed rather than sitting down and resigning to fate.


Hi Kurui,

My name is Margot and I am one of the listeners for the VOF project. I really enjoyed reading your post because your strong will and perseverance to stay connected despite and abundance of resources really comes through your writing. I think you are absolutely right that it is important to act with what you have rather than wait for more resources to come through. I think that your positive attitude and drive are going to take you awesome places.

Thanks for being an inpiration!


It is a pleasure to meet you and an honor to hear your kind words of encouragement. Things can really be tough but giving up could never solve anything so we soldier on! Thanks again, you are appreciated and together we build a better if not the best planet! Cheers.

Kurui, Your writing was very inspiring. I loved how honestly you discussed the difficulties in accessing this kind of technology on a consistent basis, but also included the realistic solutions for this problem. I think your idea of making an income blogging is a wonderful one. You are a beautiful writer and you writing is certainly needed in the world! Thank you, Jocelyn

It is an honor to hear from you Jocelyn and thanks for your inspiration. It means a lot to me for it is what keeps me going. Your ideas and advise on how to go about blogging is welcome and highly appreciated. Cheers!