I'm excited to be part of this community!

I want to share two public websites I designed for the organization I work for (Fund for the City of New York).

Breastfeeding: A Gift for Your Baby(http://breastfeeding.fcny.org)and Healthy Eating: A Gift for Your Family (http://nutrition.fcny.org ) provides mothers with limited literacy and resources access to the essentials of breastfeeding and nutrition. These multi-media, bi-lingual sites communicate through culturally-sensitive videos, animation, photographs, diagrams and audio.

These sites were created by the Fund for the City of New York in partnership with the Morrisania Neighborhood Family Heath Center-WIC program in the Bronx, NY.

Please check them out and send me your comments & suggestions

Kathryn Weinstein


The Healthy Eating website is brilliant! I like how many voices have been included on the site and how the information is so tactile and accessible. The healthy eating wheel is very clever! This is a very engaging source of information for new mothers and those expecting. Can you add the link for the other website as well?



Hi Kathryn,

Welcome to PulseWire! Thanks for sharing the link to the healthy eating site. I hope you continue to share with the community here.

Best, Sally

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