Hello everyone, selecting prominent women for interviewing was not an easy task. Among the entire women activist in Nepal, the figures that came to mind promptly were Ms. Sapana Pradhan Malla and Ms. Lily Thapa.

Sapana Pradhan Malla

She is one of the most prominent figures of Nepal working for the rights of women. Nominated as a Constituent Assembly member she has extensively published work on the legal status of women and has been able to give justice to many women through her professionalism as a competent lawyer. She also won the The Peter and Patricia Gruber Foundation Women’s Rights Prize last year for her work in women issues. She is the president of Forum for Women, Law & Development and vice president of the Legal Aid Consultancy Center, and National Coordinator for the South Asian Women’s Law Association.

Lily Thapa

Lily Thapa has been working for the widows of Nepal who after the death of their husbands are thrown out in the streets. For the last few years she has been supporting the women whose husbands are killed in the conflict and has been empowering them by various means. Being herself a widow she has understood the pain associated with it and wants to rescue other sisters who can be left alone due to widowhood.She has been able to mark the difference in Nepalese society hence challenging the years old social system.


Anjana, Namaskar. You have chosen two very interesting women to interview and it must be difficult to decide which to speak with. Ms. Malla is certainly very accomplished and brings a more legal mind to the piece, and would be able to offer an interesting perspective on the rights of women in Nepal. Ms. Thapa, however, brings a more emotional tale to the interview having used the experience of her own tragedy to motivate and empower herself in her work. Do you know either women, and are you more interested in one than the other?

I think both would be compelling interviews but quite different. I look forward to seeing who you choose. Best wishes, Janice

hi Janice

It is difficult for me to choose between the two and I chose them from a list of various women activist in Nepal. So I am still confused whom to interview

Regards Anjana

Anjana, since this is a difficult choice, perhaps go with the one you feel most engaged with i.e. the one whom you believe would fill an evening with rich stories of her work and whom at the end of the evening, you would want to become friends with.

Hi Anaja, i am fascinated about these two great women you would be interviewing. I would like to know about the widow interview. I already mentioned to you that my mother is a widow right? i want to be able to compare what happens in the two countries.

I was wondering if it would be possible to to know if there are any cultural practices that widows go through when their husbands die.(Widowhood rights) . Do other people in the extended family required to marry the woman? How are widows treated when the husband fails to leave a will for his property on how to share it for his children and wife?

Good luck Anjana

Gifty Pearl Abenaab Founder Greight Foundation www.greightfoundation.org

Hi Gifty,

I do know that your mother is a single woman. In context of Nepal previously there was no legal rights to inherit the husband's property but after 2002 11th amendment of the civil code it has been possible. And Ms. Sapana Pradhan Malla was one of the activists to make it legal. Previously the property was not given to wife and her parents also didnot look after her so the situation was chaos but now it is changing and abt Ms. Lily thapa she has been providing platform for widows to do sth or become independent. No the extended family do not marry the woman and people still do not acknowledge widow getting married, it is still regarded as taboo so lots of things are to be changed in the cases of single women as well in Nepal

Regards Anjana

Personally, I am drawn to the story of the widow, especially knowing that she successfully advocated for widow rights. It feels more personal. I support you, of course, no matter which woman you choose.

Jennifer Ruwart Chief Collaborator JR Collaborations