Expression of inner thoughts and feeling is what everyone looks for and searches for. With web applications like wiki, blogs, podcasts, Google, flicker; expressing ourselves has been much easier and convenient. With the web 2.0 applications we can not only share our views and ideas but can also seek for solutions to our problems, can refer to various documents and impart the knowledge that we have gained in our field. Precisely, web 2.0 has provided us with the platform to share our joys and sorrows; form a network to fight against something or has helped the world to unite to stand up for their.

I became acquainted with web2.0 for the first time via Google, which has solution for every problem that we face from our personal lives to professional. In addition to introduction to Google, wiki became an integral part of my life where I could post much information on various subjects and could also start advocacy for different issues and then I started my blog. Blogging not only provided the platform to share my perspective and problems but also provided the comments, suggestions and views of the people from world over and helped me to realize that the problem that we face is common and through collective action we can solve them easily.

With the availability of these applications, I feel that there is somebody who relates to what I am going through and is providing a helping hand. With these applications the women all over the world are able to express themselves and seek for solutions to their problem which they are unable to share with their near and dear ones. As I believe that expressing our inner feelings are the most important but difficult part of life, through these web applications we are able to express ourselves and are heard without being neglected as the voice of a girl, lady or women. So, these web applications have not only helped us to share our inner thoughts but also have helped us to be heard. In other words, these applications has empowered us as we got to speak for ourselves and solve our problems in our own unique way, definitely we are being heard.


Hello Lanjana,

I have read your first assignment on web 2.0 and I like that you have used the web 2.0 tools that are out there to your advantage. You seem to have a great understanding to what is available and how it can empower your voice as a woman from both a personal and professional prospective. This is great. I, like yourself find it to be such a wonderful resource of information. I too am constantly using it to learn more. It seems that you realize with this access to so much knowledge and sharing, we can only become stronger with our voice to make a difference.

Although you seem to have a good understanding of web 2.0, I would have really liked to hear about a personal experience in detail of how you used this resource. A direct experience relating to why you used a web 2.0 resource and what was the direct outcome with it.

Great luck with assignment two next week.

Kind regards, Theresa

Dear Theresa,

Thank you for the comment you provided for my first assignment. I am involved in youth organizations in Nepal and one of them is voluntary youth paltform so in the absence of funding opportunities for a youth group like ours web hosting seemed a far distance dream, so we created a wiki page to disseminate the works or information that we have carried out. Besides that blogging has always been a help to pour our inner thoughts and I have been blogging whenever I get the opportunity.I am also involved in online community platform "" where we work for the community people all over the world. In this platform I have worked from the villages of Africa to my own country and got the chance to cover the story of women artisan which helped them to publish it on the website and were able to get customers.

Web 2.0 is easy to use and easy to access besides that it doesnot take much time to upload documents, pictures like other platform. With little instruction even people with little knowledge of computer can use this and thus empowers people in its own way.So my experience with Web 2.0 has really helped me explore my different facets.

Thank you once again and keep posting

Regards Anjana

Dear Anjana,

Thank you for contacting me and for your response in regards to web 2.0. You are absolutely correct about how accessible (with internet) and easy web 2.0 is to use. Your work is remarkable and along with being very rewarding, I can imagine tough at times. Participating with World Pulse is "heart stopping" to hear of all the lives of women working for such a change.

I have never been nor wanted to be a participant in web 2.0 for simply social blogging, but this tool can be utilized in so many empowering ways. I am thrilled to be a participant with this event.

I am very tired, so I will write again later. (I work for an "environmental concerned" non-profit, ten hour days, four days a week with a three hour commute. Today is day three and I am exhausted). Please keep in contact as I would love to read more about your experiences, they are inspiring.

Kind regards, Theresa

Hi Anjana, I like the way you express your feeling. Worldpulse is a great way to laughed and cried together. it's a great way to be unity. Lets unity together to bring change in our country (Nepal). I too have found worldpulse to be unity and have request you to join me. please have a look and reply me.

With Love and RegardsSunita Basnet