I have always been working for the community people and still inspire to work for their betterment.My inolvement in online community platform is not only confined with pulswire. I have also been involved in other online volunteering platforms lending a helping hand to people all over the world. But what made me get into pulsewire is worth mentioning as it encouraged me to speak for myself and other women of the world.I got into this journey to share my feelings, experiences which can be beneficial to the women residing on the other side of the world.Pulsewire not only encourages to put forward our inner feelings but also provides us the opportunity to share our joys and sorrows. We are able to feel what women all over the world are going through from a war torn region like Kashmir to the world of art.My association with pulsewire is not only confined to my personal experiences but also is giving me insights into my professional life.

Working for a youth organization in my own country, what I have exprienced is that female youth are still facing lots of problems and are unable to express their sufferings. With my journey with the pulsewire I have gained confidence that I can raise voice in my own country to fight against the discriminatory laws and social practices.Besides the discriminatory laws, women are still facing the problem of labor exploitation, sexual exlploitation and domestic violence and are not only afraid to raise voice against it but are afraid to share their sufferings as well. As I have always been inspired to work for the betterment of community and community people, I intend to practice this sharing of experiences, joys and sorrows in my own country starting with the female youth group and finally involving women from different background.And I firmly beleive that my journey with pulsewire will not only help me raise my voice against the disriminatory and patriarchial nature of the society but will also encourage women from different backgrounds such as women invovled as commercial sex worker to the women in a veil to stand up for their rights.I hope to make my association with Pulsewire a fruitful by encouraging women all over the world to speak up for themselves.


Hi lanjana,

I appreciate being able to read and review your assignment for week 2. It's inspiring to hear of your work and vision for helping women and girls, and how Pulse Wire has helped give you tools and inspiration to carry out this work. I would love to hear more about your personal story - what first inspired you to get involved and study development work?

Cheers, Tara

Hi Tara,

Thank you for your comment, its appreciation and encouragement like yours that inspires me to get involved and work for issues related to women and girls. After going through certain gender related books in Nepal, I found that the state also has done discrimination against women like : citizenship rights, unequal inheritance rights etc. So, I decided to work for women's rights and currently I am planning to writie thesis on women's ownership, control and access over land in Nepal because lots of advocacy is required in this field and this will help me understand the social dynamics of Nepal and help me contribute further in this field.

Thank you, write to me about your experience so that we can learn from each other

Regards Anjana

Hi lanjana,

I share your excitement about Pulsewire and it allowing us to express ourselves and hear stories and voices from around the world! I also work with youth and find that my female students also need an outlet to express themselves and what they are going through. It sounds like you are doing really great things in your community and inspiring women to tell their story. I hope pulsewire is aiding you in your personal and professional goals. Spreading awareness about pulsewire to all women could allow women from all backgrounds to find a voice through this online community. Thanks for sharing your story and good luck with your work!

Cheers, Megan

Hi Megan,

Thank you for your message Megan.Throguh Pulswire I am learning so much and sharing my experience with people in Nepal, they are very moved by the platform and are eager to join the network but due to problems like electricity cut and no access to computer they are not able to join. But I share them about Pulsewire by reading the posts of people from different background and how they are proceeding with their lives despite all odds. It is great to know that you are a teacher and helping people gain knowledge. For expressing inner thoughts what we can do is organize a session where at first you speak about your experiences and sufferings (if any) and motivate students to speak up and tell them that their say will be kept confidential and ask all the students to sign a MOU with a statement that those things will be kept confidential. May be for 1-2 session they will be silent but gradually they will start talking and putting their experiences infront of everyone and those problems can be solved by discussing in those session itself.In Nepal many girls drop out when they reach to class 6-7 as they start their mensuration because they do not have separate toilets and could not tell that to anyone, which still prevalent in many remote villages but in some it became exposed because girls were able to talk to their friends and families.So speaking up is really essential.

Regards Anjana