About Me: I am 38 yr old and have a son of 10 yr old.

I am a post graduated with an urge to do some good to the society / earth which has given everything to us. Want to help girl child eduction. Really want to do some thing worth before I go and give some gift to the world.

My Passions: Travellin

My Challenges: communication

My Vision for the Future: Want to stand seperate from the crowd,strong and successful

My Areas of Expertise: Im good at reading people's mind apart from accounts


Welcome, Lathad!

I am so glad that you have found World Pulse and are inspired to join our wonderful community! Welcome! On this platform you can connect with grassroots women leaders and others from more than 190 countries around the world sharing the issues that matter most to you, as well as your concerns, struggles, successes and joys. Here you will find plenty of others who share your passion for helping to improve girls' access to education. For example, Achieng Beatrice Nas of Uganda has started up a mentorship program for rural girls in her country, seeking to offer girls opportunities to go to school through providing them with mentors. I encourage you to look her up and connect with her.

World Pulse has an incredible campaign underway called "Girls Transform the World" in which women and men have submitted written pieces championing girls' rights. I encourage you to read submissions here and think about adding your own: http://worldpulse.com/campaigns/girlstransform

Thank you for your desire to make a positive change in the world. You are part of a growing movement--a growing chorus of women's voices who are speaking out and making a difference! Please don't hesitate to reach out and network with others on the World Pulse website. To learn how, you can refer to the Getting Started Guide: http://worldpulse.com/pulsewire/about/guide

My oldest son, Henry, will be 10 this summer and is just full of life! I wish your son very good health and happiness. I wish this for you too!

With gratitude,


______________________________________________________________________________ "I wish I could show you when you are lonely or in darkness the astonishing light of your own being." -Hafiz

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