When people wake up with no hope for tomorrow, no assurance for today and frustrated thoughts of yesterday one can say that person lives in a society where corruption is rampant.Corruption has and will always be a challenge to governments the world over.One such government is the present Liberian government which according to audits reports is one of the most corrupt governments in the history of our country. Because of corruption Liberia remains the oldest underdeveloped country in Africa.Some may argue it is because of the war that Liberia is under developed but if it wasn't for rampant corruption in government Liberians wouldn't have been desperate for change, a change that required bloodshed and suffering.Its is because of corruption creative, talented young women are disillusioned because they hardly ever realize their dreams.Its because of corruption that more than half of the population live on less than a dollar a day.Its because of corruption that more than half of the population live in abject poverty and more than 80% of the population illiterate.It is because of corruption that access to health care has become a privilege rather than a right because of this young women die of curable diseases.It is because of corruption girls live in an insecure environment never wishing that tomorrow will come.Its because of corruption of the mind that young women some as young as three months old are rape everyday and its because of corruption they don't get justice and are left to live with the trauma their whole life. Corruption will continue to eat up Liberia and affect our young women if our public officials are not held accountable for what they do, if honesty and transparency is not taught in our schools and if our government continues to import workers from the diaspora whose budget monthly is about 50,000USD and is expected to get a salary of 5,000USD.


Hi Laura, I am from the US but I travelled to Liberia several years ago. That was during the first year of Ellen Johnson Sirleaf's presidency and at a time of great hopeā€“hope combined with the fear that corruption might creep up no matter who was in power. I am sad to read that this is the reality that you are experiencing. It sounds like the Liberian government needs people like you lighting a fire under them! Is your work with media helping to make changes in your country? How do you think those of us who live outside of Liberia can best support anti-corruption efforts by the Liberian people?

Keep raising your voice!


Hey kim,good to hear from. Well I would say our voices on the media have lifted the spirit of young women our country but we cannot do this alone.the government is doing little and even the NGOs are yet to make a direct impact on young women across.I must say the NGOs have done 50% which means we demand more.hope you all will join us fight ills in the Liberian society especially rape and corruption.hope 2 hear from you soon.

"Our time has finally come"

Liberia recently saw a major boost for women when the women radio was launched to help give a voice to women all over Liberia.I see this as a welcome development but not without some skepticism.You should agree with me when I say by the women and for the women.Gone are those days when we always needed the help and expertise of men,This is the time we can do it on our own and we are indeed doing it.When we say women radio reporters,newscasters,editors etc should be women but that is not the case with this station.The men are indirectly spearheading everything and not only am I afraid that this sends a bad signal to our young people that without men nothing is possible but I'm also looking at the fact that slowly the men are going to take over.Which makes me worry.Do you agree with me?

"Our time has finally come"