About Me: Hello! I am a sophomore at the University of Oregon studying General Social Sciences with a concentration in Crime, Law, and Society. I am interested in not only discussing issues of women's rights, but also in seeking to end violence against women. We live in a world where women are constantly treated as objects--I want to educate people that this is not the case and that women are human beings worthy of dignity and respect. I am open to and welcome dialogue from all angles.

My Passions: women's rights, ending violence against women, photography, writing

My Challenges: Finding the right ways to get involved.

My Vision for the Future: A world that is hostile to none and respectful to all.

My Areas of Expertise: Issues of domestic violence, life as a woman

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I think we may several things in common - I live in Vancouver WA, not that far from your college! Read my bio here: http://worldpulse.com/user/17311 Feel free to add me to your community. Let’s get to know and learn from each other...the conversations starts here and now.I am excited to read and listen to you as you raise your voice in the community!

Always Your Sister in this work, Debra

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