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My vision? Trying to move from this question for at least an hour...Writing, rewriting, erasing, adding, thinking and thinking. I can't escape the feeling that I'm already living somebody else's vision. I have breakfast, lunch and dinner, shoes and clothes, freedom to think, to speak, to walk... And trust me, I am grateful for all that, but still- now and forever my opinion shall be that no matter what and how much you have, always wish for more, ask for more, fight for more, take more, give twice as much... So, my vision is exactly that. I see myself as somebody strong and brave enough to keep fighting, as somebody courageous enough never to stay silent. I want to win my battle...Is it too much to ask? Everything I've wrote in past few weeks felt just as if speaking for every single women in my neighborhood, in my city, in my country... And let me tell you, it felt awesome. It felt as I've at last figured what to do, and how I'm going to accomplish it. I've figured that I've taken the right choice just this once, deciding to sign up and choosing my true call. It finally looks as if it's going to make sense one day. Someday... I see myself reporting from a spot exactly on the other side of the world...Don't ask me where is that other side, I’m not that good in geography, but it doesn't really matter, as long as I report on kindness, on positiveness, on love, on support. As long as I help creating that better place we all strive for...My vision is exactly this. Exchanging ideas for better tomorrow. Is there anything easier or more rewarding? I wouldn't mind being a florist in this utopia, where no woman will have to feel the same pain, sadness, worry as some of us already had. And don't find me naive for believing this new society is reachable, please don't. Let me make something clear, the first week of "Voices of the future", I was on conference for Bosnian woman, regarding confronting the past. I was in the same room with woman that have been through hell in past two decades. I've been talking to heroines from all 3 confronted nations, and they've all told me the same. Without dialogue, without support, without comfort and care from all of us we cannot go on. We cannot solve any problems; we cannot move on, we cannot finish the war. And this, my friends, is applicable for every each of us all around the world. Maybe I've moved a lot from my original thought, what I wanted to say is that my vision is to see us in a short period writing on this same community about goodness we witness every day, about our success not our problems. I wish to be initiator of change in this world, because we cannot move on like this. This way is not my way. Nobody asked me for this! And now, in this community, I finally feel as if my voice counts. This 4 weeks were quite a journey. I've spent it in sort of fear, that I will not have enough time and space to say everything that's important for me, to me, about me... It took me just a few hours to figure that it's not about me at all. I've brought World Pulse to work, to conference, to one seminar and training... Everyone's effort, texts, comments had so much impact on my point of view. You have opened my mind, my eyes. You've been my window to world. You've made me forget about spelling, grammar, synonyms and eloquence, you've untied my hands to type what my soul spoke, not my brain. Every single one of you has inspired me, gave me a little piece of benevolence, a bit of hope and so much strength. I bow to you all! I wish you tons of good health, kind love, vital sympathy, comfort, justice, power, laughter, richness in happiness and peaceful dreams, may we create still and safe future for our daughters, for I am sure it is just a smile away.

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Now, there's inspiration! I wouldn't dare tell you that your vision is unreachable Lavander: you clearly know not only that it CAN be done, but that it WILL be done! I can't wait until you reports on kindness, positiveness, love and support are spreading that can-do magic to the other side of the GALAXY, let alone planet. Bring it on! Wishing so much power to your message.

I can feel you emotionally in your piece of write up. I can feel the action in your words. Please go on , you are gonna change your community.

Grace Ikirimat

"It takes the hammer of persistence to drive the nail of success."