About Me: My university studies were in sociology, an interest which has stayed with me through my brief time working in London as a copy editor, my travels in south east Asia and my experiences as the mother of three children here in France. I am excited by the possibilities opened up to 'ordinary' people by the evolution of the internet and alternative media and am interested in developing projects with women in other countries using these tools. I am involved in several local associations, their diverse areas of action being: the creation of links between local producers and consumers via an organic shop; the creation of social and cultural activities; and the promotion of the use of compost toilets. Another of my activities which I am hoping to expand is the manufacture of a household and general cleaning product which I would like to introduce into homes all over the world (with the help of my friends!).

My Passions: music, dance, economics

My Challenges: faith in my ideas, creating networks

My Vision for the Future: girl power

My Areas of Expertise: copy editing, children


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