Unfortunately, it is not even surprising to read things like this anymore. "She was in the wrong place at the wrong time," "her dress was too short," "she was asking for it," and so on. It's always easier to blame a victim, a survivor, than to accept the blame, ask for forgiveness, make changes. http://www.huffingtonpost.com/2013/03/18/india-gang-rape-swiss-tourist_n...

How can we fix this mentality? When will people learn to hold THEMSELVES accountable for their transgressions?


We discussed that question of victim blaming once on World Pulse with another European member - yes, the way you dress will always be turned against you:

=> dress/skirt: you ask for it => pants, jeans, etc...: come on, no one can tear these things down, so you must have helped the perpetrator.

In Belgium, some monhts ago, a guy costumed as a girl for a university party got raped later in the night. You know what was the reaction of the university? To FORBID guys to put on such costumes - because of course, it's the costume that triggered it, right?

I think one day we should organize walks dressed as astronauts and ask if that's what these kind of people want from us to stop blaming us when we get assaulted!

I am pretty new to PulseWire, so I guess I missed the previous discussion! And it seems like this is the case wherever you are - Europe, US, South America, etc. I hadn't heard about the incident in Belgium...thanks for bringing that to my attention. You know, I suppose it's so much easier for officials to implement a new rule on dress codes than to really address the issue at hand and to create less violent societies. Creating less violent societies is a long-term investment, and might not win an election. And therefore, no one in power wants to work on it....only "us" in civil society.

I agree with your proposal....maybe we should start an initiative on PulseWire for a march dressed up as crazy things to see if the powers that be recognize the stupidity of their arguments.

And as a sidenote....I also find it complete ridiculous that the media report this in such an unbiased way, without even insinuating that there is something seriously wrong with the logic used by the authorities.

We need to build stronger women and we need to educate our men. Thank you for your role in getting us there. We will get there. Sooner or later we will triumph.

Salaam Aminah