In defense of humanity

I do not believe that people are inherently bad. I believe that people are inherently good. Recently, I commented on an article I had read in response to another commenter that I do not think that Republicans or Democrats are all good or bad. I think that you will find idiots on either side. I was chewed out by two men (who were much older and went into lengthy detail in their responses which does not shout sexism or anything) that I was taking the cowardly way out and being politically lazy. The one man inferred from my comment that I was somehow defending the Tea Bag Party (for the record I think the party is completely crazy and it scares the shit out of that it is gaining momentum in the mainstream) and that i needed to face facts when it came to politics. First of all, to these two guys, fuck off. Really, fuck off. You could not possibly infer the entirety of some one's political views from one comment. Also, when did the democrat party have strict standards that everyone needed to adhere to? I was unaware these two guys were the official member regulators of the party. The one also commented that saying there is idiots on either side was the lazy way of saying that politics is hard. Well politics is hard. Anyone who looks at every single situation or problem they come across, decides in a "right or wrong" manner, and is completely unmovable in their opinion, is a moron. There are too many variables in any given situation to simply say "I am right and anyone who disagrees is completely wrong". But what disturbs me most about these guys is I have noticed the same tactics in Republicans and Tea Bag Partiers alike, the whole " My truth is infallible and you are an un-intelligent mere peasant who is not worthy of questioning my logic" way to have a God complex. There is not complete agreement in any party. I do not care how much anyone says there are. You have those who lean towards the conservative and the liberal side in any party. Even on issues that people agree like being pro-choice or pro-life, there are disagreements within that thought. Some pro-choice people are for abortion up to any tri-mester in any situation, other pro-choicers are against it after the first tri-mester. Some pro-lifers are against abortion in any circumstance what so ever some pro-lifers allow for exceptions (cases of rape, incest, danger to mother or fetus). So to say that one idea is the collective idea of a whole party is bullshit. Also, calm the fuck down when reading a comment. My little comment had a whole lot of false shit inferred from it. These two guys assumed they knew my political stance and were sure to put in detail my thoughts and feelings. Amazing how they knew all of this from three sentences. Now that I am done venting about the two cyber bullies (really get a life assholes) let me get to the point of my post. When I commented that I do not think all Republicans and Democrats are good or bad, I was remarking upon my fundamental belief that turned me towards social activism. I believe in humanity and its ability to change and grow. If I did not, there would be no reason for me to be a feminist. I would not blog, I would just go live in isolation and curse the unchanging world and society into which I was born. As it is, I am here blogging and going to school for Women's Studies (plus I am horrible with the whole camping thing). As a former Republican turned Democrat (do not hate me) I am an example of that change. People change learn and grow and change their perspectives. If this was not true, the Civil Rights movement would have never happened. Women would have never won the right to vote. Slavery would still exist. People change. I believe in humanity and I believe that people are essentially made of "the good stuff". If I did not, assholes like the ones in that comment section would have made me quit my work a long time ago. As it is, I am still here and saying screw you to jerks like that. Also as a note for anyone who is liberal or a social activist. If you feel you are oppressed, want to fight that oppression, but then turn around and try to oppress other people, you are made of the same creepiness that your oppressors are made of.