Dear World Pulse friends,

I just spent the last week communing with Olanike (Greengirl), Jampa, and Ynanna (LatiNegra) during the World Pulse Live 2014 tour's stop in Portland, Oregon. It was such a different experience to see the faces "behind the words". It made me wish we had the opportunity to gather ALL of the correspondents and mentors together to deepen our relationships, connections, and understanding. I am sad to see the women fly away to California this morning.

I also thought often of the 28 corespondents who were not able to be with us. With no disrespect to Olanike, Ynanna, and Jampa--all of you were deserving of honor and recognition. Each of you were already doing vital leadership work in your community before you ever heard about World Pulse. Please remember that. It can be a painful experience not to "win a contest", and I hope that this has not caused undue suffering. You have gained the respect and recognition of the other correspondents and mentors.

I hope that we can continue to connect here, and build on our relationships. I will be reaching out to those of you that I have not yet met. I am here and willing to share my radio production skills to help others launch their own radio platforms. Just let me know if you are interested.

Have a nice day, and THANK YOU ALL for what you are doing for the world.

Leigh Anne

Topic Leadership


Yes, I had the immense pleasure of spending time with Jampa, Olanike and Ynanna as well and I can't express how inspiring they are and what an honor it was to be their chaperone while they were in NYC.

Thank you for acknowledging the rest of us. I am in awe of the other 27 women as well. Greatly empowered, I am thankful to them, to the priceless support and help of my editorial mentor Leigh Cuen, to other mentors such as yourself and to World Pulse.

I look forward to seeing how World Pulse will continue to impact the lives of women around the world moving forward.


Thank u Leigh Anne for remembering us and your encouraging wise words. Indeed in any game there is always a winner it doesn't mean that the other players are not equal to a win. well I still appreciate WP and the knowledge and skills I received through the training has developed me in many ways. I will be forever grateful.

@ Nairobi KENYA Women have impeccable character, if tapped society realizes quantum leap in development