It has been an untold story for many years not only untold in written form but in my heart,i was eight years old when my beloved mother passed away i was so young and didnt know what was going on just like any other kid who believes in the tales of mama just went to the market to buy you some banana and she would be back soon,little did i know that i will never see her and what remained was me growing in my mothers rural area where life was so hard and i did go through hardship,hatred,hunger and mistreatment the only person i could talk to was my elder sister whom we used to cry together at my grandmas verandeh,at the time my dad was still alive but my mothers people wouldnt let him have us,time went by ,minutes tickled by followed by hours and what seemed to be long nights turned into endless months and years .

all along my sister and i would wish and pray that soon we will find comfort in the arms of our father and sure we did we did find our dad who we knew loved us and as far as i know he was the only person i fell good and free around,at my fathers house he had another wife who was our stepmother and she didnt like any of us and up to date i would sit down and ask myself why these all people never liked us , she had chest problems and sooner she passed away and may her soul rest in peace as i write this i forgave her and did love her despite whatever she did because at that time i needed a parents love precisely a mothers love,after she passed away it really affected my dad and him being a muslim he was allowed to marry other wives whom as usual we didnt come into terms with but i was bug enough to take care of myself, after some marriages and breaks up from my father there was this particular woman i liked but not that much ,after some times she started changing and she had already given birth ,i remember on 2009 after i reconciled with her a day after she passed away, she got burned in one of the supermakets in town and she had told me to take care of her little baby,well i did struggle with life and in 2010 march 18 my beloved dad passed away he was ailing and was so sick ,watching him doing notyhing for himself was the worst punishment God could give me,after his death one of his brothers took everything from us,orphans and homeless we didint have anything to say because we were weak,the baby i was told to take care of was taken by my cruel uncle and up to date i dont see her but only hear that she is okay,i cry out every night in my bed because i know some how i didnt fulfill my promise,i did labores job and managed to finish my high school education,right now i got a temporary job to survive and am doing great and i know that within no time i will rise into success i dont have the means and i dont know how but i have faith because what i have gone through is nothing compared to what i am to go through,being strong and having faith in God is what keeps me alive inside my heart and be able to conqure the world and the cruelity of some people,to all the women out there you have read my story noe i hope you will be strong to conqure every situation because there is a living GOD and there is a living strength within us story is so long but due to the limitation of word thats all i could get,i really do hope this storry reaches all the women out thre

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You have come through so many hard experiences, so much adversity with so much grace and forgiveness. It has obviously made you a strong, sensitive person. Thank you for sharing your story!




It's wonderful to hear you encourage others to have the same strength that you have had. All your hard work and strength have made you into a strong women!

Thanks for sharing.



Laura thanks its our duty as women to share our hardships so as to encourage others who are caged and have no way foward and are afraid of whatever situation they are in,however,we should never give up beacuse these are nothing but mere challenges but we are made to be strong women thats why no woman in the whole world should ever give up instead they should take advantage of the situation to be strong. cheers

Dearest Leilah,

Your enormous amount of faith and strength is incredibly inspirational. I too believe that you will rise to great success and am touched by your words of encouragement to all other women who are facing obstacles. Thank you so much for sharing your story.

Best wishes, Sydney