Internet is a great thing: a lot of abilities for everybody , similar for any kind of people – any sex, any nation, any age. We can hear any voice and say to the world any word… But! What is the next act? I can find thousands of people in the web-space with really good intentions but without any real work. Reading, posting comments, discussing any questions – like a mire – you are sitting inside planning great steps, but mire never let you make even little step except reading, posting, discussing… I believe: if a person have real action, real team, real aim – the “web 2,0” is a greatest help. But if a person have “web 2,0” only – the nearest perspective is sitting in the mire of internet. The most exciting in “web2,0” is its power. Who is stronger – me or Net? What is more important - my life, my deeds in the World or the life and words in the Web? If I am a Person in the World, I will become a Person in the Web. But how many Persons in the Web are real Persons in the World? Not so many, I think. It is naively to hope everybody who have internet will become a very useful and active figure. No. cowardly, passive, lazy, self-doubt, irresponsible people will not change and they will make internet-mire deeper and wider…

We will see the time when Internet will be something like spoon: everybody know, everybody can, everybody use. Fans of spoon? dependence on spoon? Of course not. Spoon as one of the instruments only. And Puls - is one of many ways to do it. But now the border is slim. Where am i? I hope to leave warm mire of correct words and wonderful plans and I beging my moving to true deeds. Give me your hand, please…

Take action! This post was submitted in response to Voices of Our Future Application: Empowerment and Web 2.0.


Dear Lenka, I only partially agree with what you are saying but I think the idea that internet is a vast platform and that it is dangerous to get lost in the miriade of sites and thoughts and that sometimes when focussing only on internet you forget to live your real life and reduce your life only to virtuality. And you will never manage to reach your goals because you restrict your focus and lose yourself in a virtual space and place. I don't think this is the case for World Pulse Community and the Web 2.0 because all the women I met and came to know and with which I had the chance of exchanging and interacting are women that live their life from day to day and every day they act for their communities to make change possible and to alleviate sufferings and poverty or implement literacy in their communities or countries. I had the experience of meeting women that are really active in every-day-life and not only on the web. I find it lovely and worth of mention that they still find time and like to interact and share their stories and experiences with all of us and let us be part of their lives and realities. Apart from that, it gives women all over the world the opportunity of getting informations on courses, scholarships, volunteer opportunities through the Action allert and Research and sometimes, as we read in the introduction of week 1 it gives women the chance to exchange resources. There is a place for everybody but you have to take some time and be aware of what are your aims and goals in your life first. If you know them, you will find people that match your situations, needs and offers. If you look for friendship and want to improve your knowledge or read information you don't find on the newspapers but are reported first hand by the women on the network, then I don't define it as lazyness or inability to live a own life. And you never know what can come up next. I think it affords a little bit of curiosity to embark in such a network and having a mind that is open for change and sometimes not too fixed and goal oriented to take the best out of it. I can only talk from my experience and you of course refer to yours and this is interesting because it gives us the opportunity to think about ourselves. Thank you for your post, Lenka Peace Eliana


I take of my cap before all active women. Sometimes I like to go to seminars and courses and i see girls and women. Ones of them are active and they will be active. Anothers have not own action and they will not have. They said wonderful words, put great goals... and did nothing. That is normal and i have not illusions somebody became active due to internet/courses/sombody"s experience. Instruments cannot help before you began working - what is my post about...

Я твайго не вазьму, я свайго не аддам! - I shall not take your, i shall not give my.

Dear Lenka,

Your words are thought provoking. Yes, the dangers are real, but as Eliana said above, what I've seen in WorldPulse is Web 2.0 at its best.

My hand is reaching out to you.

Aloha, Beverly

Your post is very interesting to read, and as Beverly wrote above - it is thought provoking. Yes, there are many dangers to getting lost in the Internet and not really doing anything constructive or worthwhile with it (my children and their endless game-playing online comes to mind!) However, I also believe that there is much that can be learned from the Internet, and that Web 2.0 is a wonderful place to share and learn from other women all around the world. I hope you can take this opportunity to learn everything you can and apply that knowlege to making a difference in your part of the world. You sound like you have a lot of passion and I am interested in hearing more about what you'd really like to get out of this whole experience.

Good luck!

  • Julene

Lenka, You put an interesting spin on the possibilities and realities of the internet. I'm interested to learn how you wish to achieve such goals and become the social change...good luck!