About Me: hi there!

i'm lenny, the founder/ED of MANDALA HOUSE. using our teacher training program to sustain the growth of yoga & meditation in the community, our model focuses on trauma-sensitive yoga and breath awareness.

mission: MANDALA HOUSE empowers survivors of gender-based violence in post/conflict areas by teaching yoga & meditation techniques as a means of self-directed healing.

vision:   we envision a world without violence, where compassion for self & others is unlimited & the tools for self-recovery are available to everyone.  we feel true peace comes from within and that each individual should have access to these tools in order to heal themselves & their community. http://www.mandalahouse.org


My Passions: to help others help themselves

My Challenges: FUNDRAISING!!!

My Vision for the Future: long-term:a world without violence. short-term: plumpy'nut for all!

My Areas of Expertise: yoga, event planning, baking


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Welcome welcome! I am currently working with girls in Jamaica who are victim of gender based violence. I have done some yoga and meditation with them. I think that your vision and the notion of yoga and meditation as a means of healing is one that is very beautiful as well as realistic. I look forward to learning more about your organization.

Much Peace and Love,


Hey there! Welcome to PulseWire!

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