Initially I trained in Marketing Management, my first marketing job was hawking knives on the streets of Nairobi.Sadly I never got to sell even a single knife and my feet swelled due to the constant walking.Come evening, I was not paid anything as the job was commission based so I went home with nothing, I never went back.In school you are taught Marketing is fun, but when you go out , the reality is quite opposite.

I got an opportunity to get into Human Rights work, I secured a volunteer opportunity as an office assistant with an organization by the name Network of African People Living with HIV/AIDS(NAP+) , that was a turning point in my life in that I realized I was never meant to be a marketer but an an activist.When I first went to the organization, I never even knew how to type , typing a one page document was agony, with time I became an expert, I met various human rights activists from all over the world especially in the field of HIV/AIDS , I read hundreds of books on Human Rights and advocacy .At the Network of African People(NAP+), I got the chance of being trained in HIV/AIDS community based care and support services , I have been able to change the lives of many as well as make thousands of friends , it is very touching to facilitate attitudinal change among people especially grassroots communities .

For me the volunteer opportunity was the life changing moment , if I had remained a marketer, I would never have had the opportunity to connect with any of you my sisters at WorldPulse .

Leonida Odongo

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Leonida- Thanks for sharing your story. It helps remind us to always listen to ourselves, and have the courage and strength to change. It is wonderful hearing about your journey. Also, how is the Ebony Youth and Orphans Support Initiative Kenya going? Were you ever able to secure the tech equipment you were looking for (camera/pc?) Warmly, Susan


Hello Susan

Hope you are okay.Ebony is doing okay, still struggling with realization of rights for our target group.We did not success to get the equipments , however, upon contacting Witness, they put us on their mailing list and now receive their advocacy updates. We are still hoping to secure the equipments .

Best regards



Hello Leonida,

Many people are given opportunities, but not everyone persists and works so hard to make the most of an opportunity. Your story shows great dedication and openness to life, it's inspiring! Keep sharing your stories.




What I admire greatly about you is your willingness to grab a challenging opportunity and let it open you up to a wide, expansive, important new experience.

You are inspiriting!



Dearest Leonida,

Your turning point deeply resonates with me. It is an incredibly empowering change to realize that your life's work is meant to be dedicated for the benefit of others - a cause you are passionate about. I am so thankful you were offered such a wonderful opportunity and that you accepted and ran with it. Thank you for sharing your story!

Best wishes, Sydney