In may view, land means the colourful, interwoven fabric of the cultural , biological, social and economic.Visiting my relatives in the rural area reinforces the notion that land is cultural.In my rural home upon visit, I mingle with uncles, aunts, cousins etc.This helps to strengthen my cultural identity and a sense of belonging.It also strengthens the kinship bond, that is this are my family members .

Land is economic because it produces food for sale, produce from land are sold in the local market and my relatives get a source of income.Land is biological because when we consume food grown on land , it helps in the formation of cells and thus is a source of life.

Land is social because through construction of houses, villages emerge, within the villages there are clans where people are members.For instance , personally I belong to the Ombunya clan, and through land ownership , we reinforce the identity of the clan, we are referred to as Jok'Ombunya that is the Ombunyas.

To me land is thus the interwoven fabric of the cultural, biologocal, economic and the social

Thank you

Leonida Odongo Ebony Youth and Orphans Support Initiative Kenya

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Thank you for sharing this colourful portrait of the land. I sense that your whole being and life is connected to the land and I would love to hear more about Jok'Ombunya, and your identity as a member of that clan.

Take a moment to look at the "Jambo, Kenya Café" group which I think you might be interested in joining. Leah's wonderful group has brought together women from all over to brainstorm solutions, pose questions, test ideas and support each other's visions. It can be found at

Thank you again for sharing your thoughts on Land.

Thank you Janice

Ombunya is my great great grandfather.

My grandfathers name is Obonyo ,son of Ndoya who was son to Odongo, Odongo was son to Ombunya.Thats how I came to belong to the clan.We use the name Jo'k meaning people of Ombunya

On the what land means to me , I just sat back closed my eyes and thought of the connections given the kind of work I do on property rights .




Hi Leonida,

I am so pleased that you've shared your own story of Land for the first My Story celebration. Your relationship with the land is so interesting as it relates to your clan and the close ties that your family still has with your village.

I hope that you continue to share your story with the PulseWire community.

Warm regards, Jade

It is very interesting to hear about how you define your relationship to land with cultural and clan ties as well considering social and economic factors. I think that is an amazing way to see it. I don't think many people see how our connection to land and it's resources would be enhanced if we were more community/socially minded in our approach to it. Seeing how we are connected to the land on multiple levels is so important. It is easier to be thoughtful about our land when we do. Thank you for sharing your connection.