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On March 24 while I was walking in the crowded Times Square in New York City, this interesting scene had caught my eyes. I heard them and helped them speak up their voices.

Saudi Muslim students launched a nationwide campaign called “Mohammed is a Prophet of Mercy: Sharing the language of peace and love.” The aim of the campaign is to emphasize the similarities between Muslim and other religions through simple statements of love by distributing roses.

The student's spokesperson, Waleed Ali Aljohani had shared their message to me.

“After 9/11, a lot of people linked between Islam and violence. We’ve decided as Muslim students to introduce our true religion and show how Islam is a religion of love, mercy and peace by distributing flower with cards stating about love, respect and mercy. We are not asking people to be a Muslim but at least we can show the similarities between Islam and other religions. No reason for Islamophobia. Muslim could be anyone – family, friend, or neighbor.”

These students were thrilled to have their campaign featured on CNN. The report had generated more than 19 thousand views. Their message had apparently reached a wider audience. They were heard.

Unity is a goal. World Peace is a result.

We listen. We respond. We give solutions.

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Hi, Janice

Thank you, too and for including the link of my CNN report. Yes, I also do believe that efforts like this is a way to unity and peace. I am glad to have helped their organization express their message.

best, lia


People connecting peacefully across any divide is always a beautiful thing, Lia. Thanks for posting this story.

I am missing your personal statement, though, about your vision for the future, and your work. I would've loved to have heard it.

Hi, Falchemist

Thank you for you words. I appreciate it. It's nice that we all connect peacefully, across any divide - as you said.

Best Lia