Standing UP seems a child who started to crawl to reach from one side to the other side. Few months later, child started on how to stand by holding either to the wall or tables and chairs. Most of the mothers’ were tense if they saw their child doing this, for they might fall. The bottomline is “FEAR” fear that they might get hurt, fear because of no TRUST.

Standing Up reminds me of what I have been through in life. My parents could barely send me to school, which I know education is my passport to success. Like a child, I started to crawl to search where I can possible look for a better opportunity that could change my life. Like mother, I was so afraid for I might get in the wrong path. But, since I have trust and believe in myself. Look! I celebrate triumph.

Now standing works in different ways.

Early morning, I woke up and very inspired that finally members from almost 200 countries will negotiate to each other to change the lives of domestic workers.

I was sitting in one side while waiting the signal to go in front. I was praying that God will endow me strength that I could stand in behalf of millions child domestic workers around the world.

Come on! Come on! The organizer signaled. I felt so nervous for I might not deliver it well to the constituents. But guess what gives me courage and strength?

The tears and suffering of children in domestic work. The HOPE to end the abuse and exploitation of children around the world. And, lastly, my experienced that once in my life I became slave.

Standing and calling them that “We have been ignored and lived in the margins of society for so long, now is the time to protect us” ended my speech.

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everyone has the right to education and has the right to participate in the economy. Promoting and achieving gender-equitable education is what will eventually lead to the greatest socio-economic returns enabling young women to contribute outside of their families to their communities, and ultimately to the development of their countries. at least you will no longer be ignored and you can reclaim the opportunities that were lost through exploitation.

you are a real hero thank you for your story

stay blessed


Hi Sibussiwe and Fatima, thank you so much for reading my story. I joined this community last year, but I didn'y regularly visit my profile. Upon receiving notifications in my email, last week I found it very interesting, hoping that i could gain more courage and inspiration from this community.

Again Thank you so much, I will write more, more, more stories!

All things works for good

You were not only speaking up for yourself, but for a group of people. I think that when you put yourself in the place of others to take their position it emboldens you like nothing else. At such a young age, you are finding your authentic voice. The world is yours to explore; I can tell that you will develop a powerful voice!

Best to you!