I enjoyed reading your post. I am delighted that you have gained self-awareness through your participation in VOF. Have you already formed your support group? Has it met yet? If so, how did the participants respond?

I hope that you will continue to participate in this forum and express yourself. You also talk about learning from others who are writing and intend to share that with the women in your community. This is the power of an online community and by educating ourselves through participation, we can share what we learn and truly begin to educate the women of the world through this effort.


Hi Gemma!

I am very grateful that you enjoyed reading my post. It is true that i have gained self-awareness and i am using all i have so far gained to form my support group. So far it has not been easy because my target group seems skeptical. This is because they have earlier been approached by people claiming to have their interest at heart only for them to realize later that those people were out to benefit themselves.

Even so, i am taking one step at a time and i believe i will succeed to form a powerful social group that will have positive impact to the society and may be the world at large.

Thank you & God Bless Lillian

Hello Lillian,

How are you? I also really enjoyed ready for post. Thanks for sharing. I am so glad to hear of how you have developed a vision for women's empowerment. You clearly are very passionate in this area, and that is always an inspiration to those around you.

Best wishes,


Hi Katie! I feel so encouraged with your comments. Knowing that someone took their time to go through my post really feels great. Thank you so much & keep in touch.