My mother's child,

First know that I love you my sister, it hurts to see you this way. To see you make yourself so small, compromising yourself; becoming a shadow of the woman that I know you should be.

Settling for so much less than you are worthy of; to appease him....a man for whom nothing will ever be enough, who fails to realise that control and love cannot co-exist.

I find myself unable to talk to you. Unable to bear your brokenness, the death of the fire in your eyes.

Take action! This post was submitted in response to Take Back the Tech 2013.


There are so many of us about whom these words could be written...who have lost ourselves for what we thought was something more worthwhile, that would complete us....who have made ourselves far smaller than we really are.... Just as there are so many of us about whom it could be said that we who were lost have found ourselves, that we who were small have become strong and able to speak up, that we held out our hands and lifted up our sisters.... Thank you for these words, which are indeed haunting and wrenching and beautiful.

Blessings, Rosemary

May these words provide your sister with some light to begin a new journey, a journey that reconnects her to her true self. And, may your energy continue to serve her and others in similar situations.

I share Amirchima's thoughts that the piece is short but powerful. I pray your words bring comfort and release to all our sisters who are hurting. Please keep using your powerful voice to speak out for change.

Hugs, Greengirl

Hello, lintajonhera.

Your sister hears you The other sisters too hear you Yes your sisters all over the world Keep trying to reach her Never give up on her.

Thank you

Powerful and deeply moving. This could pertain to so many women the world over! Thank you for sharing your thoughts lintajonhera. May your words give inspiration and strength to women everywhere!

"Ours is not the task of fixing the entire world all at once, but of stretching out to mend the part of the world that is within our reach" (Clarissa Pinkola Estes, author and poet)

when those we love drift away, it feels like torture trying to hang on. But you must. Hang on the the strength and image of that strong sister so that when she can walk back toward it, you are holding it up for her to see... like a mirror that reflects her true self. Do not give up, don't stop loving and trying... all of your efforts, in everything you do stay acting in love, from love. I wish you both the best.