I just want to say that I've never seen such a warm welcome with an online community as I have with World Pulse. I just joined World Pulse several days ago and I have received so many loving and inspiring messages ever since. Thanks ladies! It's really appreciated. I definitely feel a part of this network already and I will make sure to let other women know that this is a safe and open place to speak their minds.

Peace & Love, Liz Grover


Liz, what a wonderful message of support. Thank you for sharing your thoughts and I look forward to reading more from you as you share your ideas and work with us. At a young age, you have already contributed so much towards equality, empowerment and social justice. When you have an opportunity, it would be great if you could share some of your writings, film and photo work with the community. Art is also a powerful connector and can sometimes speak volumes when words are inadequate.

Again, welcome. Janice

Yes, Kali Baba is my great teacher and friend. I have built one small kuti next to his kuti. I stay there when I visit. If you ever go up there-to Changunarayan--please tell Kali Baba that we are friends on the Internent :-) It's a small small world.

Peace, Liz

PS-You can watch my video of Kali Baba here: http://blog.lizgrover.com/2009/04/kali-baba.html Notice he shows a picture of me in the video. :-)