Congratulates Freedom and Justice Party, the political arm of the Muslim Brotherhood, the advent of Eid al-Adha and announce the activities of the Youth Commission where women say Egyptians "do not be a reason for harassment."

Blame on women and the way to wear them despite that 70% of veiled is harassment and 10% of the veiled women also are harassed, they do not realize that Islam also invited women to modesty called man also turn a blind eye any not seen for women whatever to do Bztha.

Always blame the woman claiming that it is Islam, but in fact all Adeaúthm false and its relationship with Islam but Ptdahdhm related to women being women, although the honor of Islam and Msautea man in rights and duties.

Take action! This post was submitted in response to Ending Gender-Based Violence 2012.


If I understand this story right I believe it is saying that women should not be the reason why they get harassed. Are you serious? If my brother, father or son go out and commit a crime am I as the woman responsible? When are we going to hold the man responsible for their action and stop blaming women?

Kadeen DennieListenerPulsewire

Unfortunately, patriarchal societies always blames the woman, even if they did not miss something, but from their point of view is at fault and the reason for everything.

In this model, the situation is more complicated because they interpret religion according to their whims and personal political orientation.

They also try to spread the idea that a woman (the victim) is the cause of crime harassment and not the man, although that Islam is men and women equally: (modesty, and not to consider the attractions of the body, and not injured feeling other word or Outlook or whisper .... etc.).

Greetings, Lobna Sedky

Dear Lobna, Every time that I come across such comments, I get astounded. Why do they target us always? Islam has not just asked women to wear modest clothes, it has equally asked the men to turn their gaze down. Unfortunately they never see those points, those instructions where men are addressed. Has not Islam also asked men to deal with women softly, with respect? How many do take care of our emotions, our feelings? But no, they turn a deaf ear to all those and safely blame their gene and accuse women for everything, to wear modest cloth and then the way they wear! At times, I find it ridiculous how they bend the religion to suit their benefit. I just feel sad, when I hear such stories, when I face such situations because I do not know, how the situation can be improved until God changes their heart. Just that we have to be strong and make our own way wherever possible and learn to live. Instead of giving away all our rights and being submissive all the time, we need to raise our voice in a lawful manner and help ourselves. Love and peace Nusrat

Character cannot be developed in ease and quiet. Only through experience of trial and suffering can the soul be strengthened, ambition inspired, and success achieved. ..........Hellen Keller

Thank you for your comment, we really should strive always to our rights granted by God to us because God born free and not slaves. Unfortunately, these take some education Religious and leave the other and this is called hypocrisy and how they distort the eyes of the West to Islam and believe that Berkshire Hathaway, ignorant fanatics this is Islam ,but in fact also explained that what is happening (not only traded debt to achieve personal and political passions), so women Egypt constant struggle materials proposed in the new constitution to improve the status of women.