I have always had a passion for writing. I started out just writing whatever news I could get my hands on. Initially in college I trained in radio production and I worked in radio for one year but I realized that there was no memory in radio. Yes people heard the broadcast but after a few months it was all forgotten maybe because the public rarely records any production, while in writing they get to keep the article.

During my post graduate studies I decided to concentrate on my writing while doing a module on gender and development, I developed interest in writing on women issues.This class opened my eyes to the worlds of “the woman” and my urge to write about them kept growing. I took up internship at the UN Humanitarian News Service and while here I wrote a lot about women in need. This group included refugees, rape victims, and rebels, I enjoyed my time there.

But when I got a job as a communication officer for an environmental organization, I had a very narrow window to explore and write about women issues. I had deadline to meet in terms of editing program documentation and organizing events. But after while, I could not keep off. Hence I decided to establish two different blogs to write about women issues.

At first I embraced blogging with so much enthusiasm and putting down my thoughts after a hard day was fulfilling. But then my responsibilities at work coupled with my studies took a better part of my day and slowly the blogs were forgotten.

I got a new job in a much bigger humanitarian organization and part of my work is creating visibility on a project working with Sexual Gender Based Violence. Interacting with these women aroused a mixture of feelings in me. I was saddened and horrified at what they had gone through while at the same time their strength and will to move on and fight for other women inspired me.

I knew about Worldpulse from a fellow journalist who sent me the link after we talked about how my work drained me, and when I went to the link, I was impressed. The pictures and voices of the women across the world was the most inspiration thing I have experienced in a long time.

These are women of all walks of life, race, religion, culture , education, but are all brought together by one factor, to voice out their concerns, feeling and aspirations. Worldpulse for me is an ingenious discovery that continues to change the lives of many people, mine included. The subjects of discussion are varied, and leave me thinking about my life, and that of that career woman on Wall street, the refugee in Darfur, the vegetable vendor in Nairobi slum estate, and the woman who lost her family to the Tamil tigers in Sri Lanka. That is how worldpulse is changing my life and helping me in vision of helping women be heard.


Dear Shaidi,

I am a Medical Anthropologist, teaching at the University of Wisconsin-Madison, USA. I will visit Nairobi very soon, June 3, after a visit to Kampala to work at the Makerere University and with the Family Planning Association of Uganda.

I would LOVE to meet you in person if it's possible. Your profile is very fascinating and this would be a great opportunity to chat and share common interests and passions and future collaboration. What an incredible opportunity this would be.

In Nairobi, I will be living with two of my friends who work for women's rights and women's health.

Thank you Peace and joy Araceli

Hi Araceli,

Yes I would love to meet you when you get to Nairobi. it would be a great opportunity to talk about our shared interest. Just let me know when you are here and we shall share the telephone numbers. Thanks.



Thank you, Linda!!! I really appreciate this wonderful opportunity. I can't wait to meet you in person. Right now my life is very hectic with my classes and my community advocacy, a little insane, but all the work I do gives me a great energy to keep going and it increases my motivation every second of my life. I will keep in touch. I will be living with a friend in Nairobi, and as soon as I know her phone number I will let you know. Much peace for you dear Linda. Araceli

Hi Linda, I'm one of your listeners for the Week 2 VOF assignment. Your description of how you felt when you went to the World Pulse website for the first time was exactly how I felt, except I didn't quite know how to describe it. You hit the nail on the head! Your journey to World Pulse and a career in Journalism sounds like it was very much meant to be. When you're not writing for your job, do you still write in your blogs or just for yourself? If so, what areas of women's issues do you find you're drawn to covering?

Thank you so much for sharing this journey with me and the rest of the World Pulse community! You make me eager to write for myself again on the issues that are important to me!

Best regards, Erin

Hi Erin,

Thank you so much for the positive comments. I am glad we share the same passion, it is really encouraging and I hope you will get back to putting your thoughts and ideas down and sharing them with us! I took a break for a short while too so worry not we will wait (lol).

On a serious note thought, I write mainly about Sexually based Gender Violence, domestic violence (wife battery, emotional abuse and stereoptypes), issues of reporductive health on the girl child among others. I feel that these are grave issues affecting women of all classes, race, all other the world and most of them suffer in silence or have no way og being heard. What about you Erin?



It is great to read the different steps you've gone through to get to where you are. Is there a link to your blog somewhere? Id love to read it. Best of luck!