There is a new {or maybe it’s a returning?} fire that’s in the pit of my stomach.

It leaves me with many sleepless nights. It makes me absolutely furious with oppression of any kind. It makes me intolerant of laziness or procrastination - from myself & those around me.

As I get older, I realize more & more we really have no time to waste. I have no time to waste.

Thank God - I’m awake!



Isn't it a beautiful feeling to feel this and then come here and see we share this with woman from around the world. It is a beautiful thing, I think, to feel like you have woken up and want to run around waking up the other woman and find they are already waking up themselves. It gives me lots of hope and happiness that we are all together here as sisters.


World Citizen

Hi, Luckie;

Welcome to the World Pulse family of global change-MAKERS.

I found your post interesting; perhaps because I recognise a bit of my own - almost frightening, sense of URGENCY about what WOMEN need to do to re-claim their male-stolen lives, and to ultimately enjoy their male-bastardized Humanity.

For example: I for one am sick, tired...and a little bit bemused, by the surreal attitude of "naturalness" with which Women - right around the globe, regard NATURE'S COOL, WELCOMING NIGHT be their ENEMY!

Think about it: I mean really WRAP YOUR WOMAN'S MIND AROUND the FACT, that - for WOMEN AROUND THE WORLD, something as NORMAL, NATURAL, PLEASANT as taking a COOL NIGHT STROLL is to - as Men with ironically freakish-solicitousness like to "CAUTION" to leave yourself vulnerable to RAPE! MUGGING! BEATING! MURDER!...

I mean...just IMAGINE how MEN - not some wild Beasts, or Green-skinned Martians...but SO-CALLED "HUMAN," "KINDRED," "FELLOW" ...MEN... have WARPED LIVES FOR EVERYONE ON THE BEAUTY THAT WAS MEANT TO BE EARTH.

It is an amazing time that leaves me anxious to see the results.

We are all living history with an opportunity to change the world through our actions & voices. PHENOMENAL!