My passion is achieving a just society free from all forms of discrimination against women. I am aware, that this can be achieved through change of attitude, practices, policies and legislation. This change is mainly possible through communication. We need to talk about issues affecting women so that we can bring change. We need to talk to the different change agents so that we can influence them to bring about the desired change.

I am a member of the Association of Women in Development. I regularly get updates from them on women's issues around the world. One day, as I was going through my mail. I saw a great opportunity. An opportunity where my voice could be heard on issues touching on women. I went to the website and found out that there were many others passionate about women's rights. I got excited. Soon I was posting my articles and getting feedback. Expressing my feelings on women's rights issues and sharing with others. I also got an opportunity to read about what others were writing about women's issues.

At Pulsewire, I am at home. Everyday I come across an issue that is facing women and Pulsewire provides me with an opportunity to share this information. It also provides me with an opportunity to see how others view the same issue from all over the world. I am able to comment on what others have posted and I also receive feedback on what I have posted. I am finally at home.



You hit it!

The sense of home that you speak of...I felt it when I picked up the World Pulse print magazine in Portland, Oregon December 2008 too. Home... traditionally- land, family, lineage, culture, food, people- how is it that a place on the World Wide Web can be home? A global home for voices, our voices to rise, grow, and speak of the stories around the world! What a privilege for you to be speaking in the VOF- in your home.

I'm wondering about your personal journey...what specific issues are vital for you? As a member of the Association of Women in Development, what are your passions and expertise? I'd love to hear more.

Warm wishes to you in the VOF process.


Thank you for your comments.

I am a Communications person by profession and I work for the Federation of Women Lawyers of Kenya which is the leading women's rights organisation in Kenya and perhaps Africa. My work mainly entails advocacy for women's rights issues. Issues that are vital for me are mainly issues that my organisation is working towards achieving. That is eliminating patriachal norms and practices that discriminate against women.

We do that through offering legal aid services to poor women, creating awareness on gender and human rights, lobbying and advocating for reform of laws and policies for the purpose of safeguarding women's rights and monitoring governments compliance with regional and international human rights instruments.

In my work I mostly work with the media where on a daily basis I am organising press conferences or press statements.

To further improve on my work, I am seriously thinking about moving towards the new media that is blogging in improving our advocacy work. I am currently working on redoing our website to include blogs. I am also thinking of using other Blogs such as World Pulse for the purposes of achieving the same objective that is a society where women are free from discrimination.

Thank you for your encouragement.



Hello Lucy!

I share your excitement about PulseWire and also feel at home (as well as extremely lucky to be) here among all you remarkable women. Last night was my first time spending a good deal of time on PulseWire, and I couldn't sleep afterward because my mind was racing so! Then this morning, I awoke with three words (Jensine's words I do believe) in my head-- "an unstoppable force." I then immediately understood how it is that PulseWire brings me such joy: communication among us all is the tool to solving the world's problems, and here it is at our fingertips!

Thank you for sharing your voice, Lucy. I would love to learn more about you and to hear more of your stories about the issues that women face in your community.

Take care and best of wishes with the competition.