I expected a knock on my door everyday when the clock ticked 6:30 am and like always there she was, Sushmita greeting me a bright day with a cup of tea and biscuits. Sushmita is an 8 years old girl coming from a minority caste group, “Darai” of Nepal.

She had literally become my friend from the very first day she came to my hostel room. After she brought me the tea, she had this habit of scanning through my room, then those bulky books in my book shelf. Once she asked what that picture of bone was all about. “It is the head of a dog”, I answered and tried to make her believe. Her eyes sparkled, “Didi, have you seen it?” I was so amazed by her inquisitiveness.

Sushmita is the second girl to her parents. At such tender age she had learnt to help her parents. She goes to a local school, completes her homework, makes tea for the customers at her roadside tea stall, and plays with her rag dolls, everything that a girl of her age would do.

I really didn’t know but among the three girls, it was Sushmita who was getting all my attention. Sushmita accompanied me in my research even in the scorching heat in the months of June. Sometimes she would teach me the names of wild flowers and weeds and sometimes she would correct my mistakes while playing. She would climb trees to get guavas and even wade through the muddy streams to catch weed fishes.

I had understood her deep interest in studies. She wanted to become a teacher. Her dreams were innocent and genuine. In grade I she failed in English and Mathematics and she thought they were not her cup of tea. I took some time after my dinner to teach her and with a strong zeal, she came every evening. Finally she learnt to write the names of 7 days and 12 months herself and division was no more scaring to her.

“Didi, I stood third in my class”, she told me and hugged me tight. That moment was very special for me. Her acknowledgment, undaunted love and faith were all I needed ever. This time I got a real reward from her, a cup of tea and sweet biscuits absolutely for free. In a way we both taught ourselves differently.

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I am going to be a teacher and knows how important it is support. especially for a kid, who may be shy but full of dreams and desires. It is so important to find the supportive hand in this tender age! Luna, I am so proud of you, that such a nice helpfull person is to someone.

I'm happy to learn that you're one of the future teachers. You have fairly diagnosed the underlying causes of a child's psychology. Yeah! Sushmita and I are a good company and helped each other in our hard times. Sending Wishes Luna

Luna, Namaskar. How wonderful that you have become a mentor for Sushmita. Being a Darai, I am sure her opportunities are not as great as for others and so to have someone believe in her and to encourage her to pursue her dreams is so important. Your support is significant and I am sure will stay with her for life. I hope you will continue to share her story with us as she moves towards her dream of becoming a teacher. Hardik subhakamana, Janice

I am glad that Sushmita found you women ,like you who is there to support her, teach her. Se is getting new things to learn.I am impressed by your enthusiasm to teach her. I am sure with the coperation provided you she will become a great women one day and will reach to the heights of success. Strengthen your relationship each day.

Love Pooza

Dear Janice

Yeah! it's pretty much obvious that Sushmits is deprived of many opportunities which she deserves but what is incredible about this little girl is her inner conscience and urge to improve herself. She keeps huge positive vibes and I've not yet experienced a single moment where she shows an inferiority complex of being a "Darai", which has motivated me too in a way or two. Unfortunately, after my college I've returned to Kathmandu so can't get in touch with her so frequently but I make sure that she stays in my loop every time she needs me.

I would love to share more of her story in future. Regards luna

She sounds as if she has the spirit and courage to pursue her dream and with you by her side, I have no doubt she will achieve great things. I can't wait to hear of her progress.

p.s. when responding to a comment, it is best to hit the word "reply" at the bottom of their comment box as that way, they are notified by email when you post a reply. Best wishes... Janice

Thanks Pooza for your kind words. Sushmita is lucky to have so many well wishers from the globe, I'll let her know about you people. I'm just a guide and the rest of the magic, Sushmita will do. Touch wood!!!


Dear Luna,

I love this story because both you and Sushmita have crossed the normal boundaries in taking care of each other. You have created a reciprocal relationship, which is the best kind. She may never have all the opportunity you have had, and you may never have such eager devotion and willingness to learn from an 8 year old again, but you will always have this relationship that will grow and change across years out of mutual respect. It will be great to hear more about both of you in the future.