As the seasons change here in the northern hemisphere, New York if full of a burst of color - red, yellow, orange and gold are everywhere. As the temperature drops and my body intuitively tells me it wants lots of soup, fireplaces, and family, I try to stop and reflect on all that this season means to me and what I'm thankful for. I'm eternally grateful for my family, friends, and loved ones - I feel infinitely blessed to have so many amazing people I get to love in my life! And then enrich and challenge me every day. During this season I find myself wanting to spend as much time indoors with them as I do outdoors. I find myself going back to my roots, in all kinds of ways, and remembering to stop, pause and reflect. Reflect on the past year, reflect on choices I've made and how I treat people. Today I give gratitude for all those in my life who I love and am thankful for.


Dear Lycia, I salute your courage. Not many people can take time to reflect on the past , especially on how they must have treated others.Good courage that begats pleasant future. Try this, love like you've never been hurt- (Paiger) and our world shall be a better place.

Loads of love Temidayo