I just had to send a quick note that I am so thrilled and excited to see the power of our voices multiplying with every new voice that joins our thriving Pulse Wire community! Together we will heal our planet and each other.


Natasha, indeed our garden is growing with the most vivid voices taking root and blossoming under the support of the other members. This wave cannot be stopped and with each new member who speaks out, many more women stand behind her asking for their voices to be heard and demanding their stories be told. It's very exciting and we are so happy you are a part of this journey. Janice PulseWire Community Director

I just read back through your journals and can't wait to read more. They were so interesting and informative. How is law school going? I believe we need many more woman to go into that field so always want to support and encourage those doing it.

I loved your one about your mom, so touching! Do please try to come and post more often!


Maria - so good to get to meet you here! And thank you for such kind words.

You know my mom was actually visiting this weekend and I was just thinking about my post and saw your comment. It's so great to have and appreciate the wisdom, strength and unconditional love that a mother has and even to appreciate the beautifully complicated relationships we all have with our moms.

Thanks so much for asking about school - it's going great! I just finished my first year and am interning for a women's human rights organization and doing some research as well on femicide in Guatemala.

How are you? How is your summer? What kind of work do you do or are you passionate about Maria?

Love, Natasha

Natasha Lycia Ora Bannan