A professor friend of mine shared a video clip that will explain in a nutshell why the Philippines has deteriorated economically, socially, politically and spiritually over time. Other Third World Countries have similar experiences.

Please watch this interesting video and speak your mind about it. Any opinion and recommendations on how to resolve the issue of oligarchy based on practical experiences would be highly appreciated.

The link is: https://www.facebook.com/photo.php?v=242113989143786&set=vb.140008132751...


je suis heureuse de lire cette article portant sur l'oligarchie couse du sous developpement;juste savoir si vous avez déjà suivi cet film? si oui quels piste des solutions envisagé vous.?? bonjour à vous et merci pour l'acceptation!

neema weza

One way to solve oligarchy is to drum into the sub-conscious of the voters and future voters about the evils of oligarchy. But to follow a more positive approach, they can be made to understand the beauty and benefits of true democracy.

Why the voters? Because they are the ones who are putting oppressive, greedy, selfish and dishonest people to power. During election period, the apathetic and the hungry sell their votes to candidates who can pay the most.

Educating the masses not to be bribed or threatened is a formidable task. As they say, you cannot teach religion to a hungry stomach. Some people may even sell his/her soul to the devil just to eat or have shelter.

But the poverty of the voters is exactly what oligarchs are capitalizing on. These unscrupulous rulers make sure that the poor are made poorer so that the latter remain submissive, afraid and beholden. And so the vicious cycle continues unless it is broken.

If only parents could have the iron will and patience to teach their children the "right path", then later on the children would become upright, able to think for themselves, and stand up for their decisions. However, knowing what that "right path" is requires wisdom, which is a result of experience and reverence for the Almighty God. "For the fear of the Lord is the beginning of wisdom." (Psalms 111:10, Proverbs 1:7, Proverbs 9:10)

I hope my beliefs will not offend you, my friend. If I have, my apologies.

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