my society's problems is that female are ignorant about their right,they still believe they shouldnt talk loud infront of others ,,when they will start speaking??


This is an excellent question. When will they start speaking? How can women like you, who are educated and empowered to speak out, inform women in Nepal of their rights and encourage them to join your voices?

It's a joy to have your voice in our community, to raise these issues, and I hope you will reach out to other women here to collaborate on ideas for advancing women's rights in Nepal, and worldwide.

I encourage you to join the Falcha group, where you can connect with other Nepalese women who share your passions.

After joining, you can click the "Contribute" tab and post your question there... so that other women in Nepal can work with you to solve this problem.

In friendship and solidarity, Jade

thanks jade,,when i came to know the meaning of society and start analying my society i found my society with lots of problems.One amazing thing is that inspite of being a small distance from capital city there still exists superstitions and people still dont know about their rights.womens work is never valued and still female believes they have to live for others.the atrocity towards women is accepted as natural phenomenan.

how can i smile