I dedicate this poem to every great and small woman or little girl; you are
fearfully and wonderfully made. You are beautiful and God loves you. I want you
to know that you are a precious jewel in God’s hands. You are not inferior to anyone
and you don’t have to prove anything to anybody. I want you to be aware of this
fact, that the only thing a diamond will do once it is processed is sparkle. Allow
God to process you until you shine to the world around you. Even if you are from
the less developed countries, the earth is the Lord’s and the fullness thereof. You
are of great value more than any precious stone you know. Your price is fare above
rubies. You are a precious jewel that must sparkle in its light and color.
You are precious girl and certainly a virtuous woman of God. The Father is
making a jewel out of you. Believe him and there shall be a performance to her
that believes. Never allow any inferiority complex or a low self esteem to limit you,
because the Lord loves you, with an everlasting love. When you know that you are
loved girls, you know that’s a powerful tool in your hands. Even if you are feeling
broken within and wonder how you will get out of that horrible pit. Let me tell you,
“God loves you and he desires you.” His desire is towards you His Beloved. He
cares for you. Just love him back. Invite His presence in your life, worship Him,
give yourself to him and surrender it all in his hands and He will surprise you.
His mighty hand will do wonders for you. Just let him step into your situation,
sit back and be still, and just watch him, he will fight for you and make you a
polished sparkling jewel.
The world is waiting to celebrate you princess or queen, married or unmarried
you are the king’s daughter and you have an access to His throne. Girl you are
fabulous! You are royalty and an heir of the kingdom. Clean up, dress good within
and without examine yourself and stay pure in heart and await for your greatest
call for the eternal wedding of the Lamb, a pure bride, spotless without any wrinkles
or sin, that’s your final call.

Unveil the Gem
Who can find a woman,
Of Moral Excellency?
She is rare, yet she is a pride to have,
She is valuable,
Her price is far above rubies,
She is expensive to have,
An uncommon jewel,
We shall find her.
She has an excellent spirit,
She is meek, with a quiet spirit,
Building her house with her hands,
With wisdom and prayer;
She is discreet, chaste and a keeper of her
home, full of faith, grace and love,
Adorned with wisdom,
And the fear of the Lord;
Truly decent, sober and beautiful,
An unforgettable woman,
She is creative and industrious,
Adorable, desirable, and sensitive,
She is designer made,
Soft to touch and to be touched,
Feminine, lovely and calm;
She always will be,
The Creator’s climax creation;
Sister you are fearfully,
And wonderfully made,
And we shall find a virtuous woman in you.