I believe there is divine wisdom in the creation of a woman. Women are so valuable that I believe that was the reason why God had to put the creation of a woman at the peak of his creation. We usually say you serve the best for last but sad to say we are the last ones to understand our value. If we work out the true qualities of a woman even if we master only a few, it will make a big difference and I believe our world will be sweeter than we have ever seen in our day. And instead of being macho, we can just be feminine, graceful, loveable and honorable, and we will have a lasting beauty and glory as our legacy in the 21st Century. No man can beat you at your game of being a woman. Your power of influence ladies is unbeatable. You can rule without a title. Show me a son without a mother, sister, auntie or some female figured that has empowered him. We are valuable really precious, but I am yet to see great women arising like Queen Elizabeth 1 who possessed the mind of a man and the might of a woman. Who did not shy away from using her head, but still graceful. With the timing of a hawk but patient, with the kindness of a mother but brutal when her enemies needed it. In a time of war she could send her army to war in uniform herself but still beautiful and courageous. To be continued..


I love your style of writing. New thinking is needed and I thank you for leading the way in changing our perceptions about ourselves. I look forward to reading more.