The expression ‘blogging’ always sounded mysterious to me. In my mind, one had to be rich, popular, educated, and well connected, a journalist of sorts or at least a computer whiz to be a blogger. The demystification of this process has been to me the most wonderful discovery I have made about Web 2.0 technology. I have since discovered that all you need are ideas running through your head, a computer with working internet, deft fingers to type with and time to get your ideas across. In blogging women from all walks of life, myself included, have found a way of getting our voices heard. There is nothing more liberating than creating a space in which you express your ideas and you are assured that in hitting the ‘publish’ or ‘submit’ button you are reaching out to so many people.

One blog post can rekindle hope in a woman who had turned hopeless. It can give invaluable information about how women can protect themselves from the predators of this world; disease, harmful practices such as female genital mutilation and human trafficking included. It can save lives by giving vital information on disease prevention and control. A simple blog post, written in the simplest language could be given a catchy title ‘How a condom protects you from getting HIV/AIDS’ or ‘How to check your breasts for lumps.’ This would go a long way in giving other women the much needed advice on how to protect themselves from contracting HIV/AIDS or looking out for deadly lumps that could cause breast cancer hence promoting women’s reproductive health rights.

My amazing discovery is that we, the women authoring such articles do not need to be experts in the subjects of our posts. The power of our words lies in our own lived experiences. The critical power behind blogging is the unique outlet it gives to the wells of untapped knowledge and wisdom that lie in many of us. The combination of the words with audio or visual tools such as video, pictures, animations and maps only enhances the appeal of the articles to the audiences but the words themselves are the most powerful tool.

My own experiences have also revealed how social networking sites such as Facebook and Twitter can be useful spaces to share blog posts. Using my Facebook, Twitter and Linkedin accounts, I have shared my experiences as a female human rights defender and lawyer living and working on the African continent. The ability to break down complicated legal issues, present them in the simplest manner possible and share them with the world has been empowering. Through this new technology I am proud to have enabled my fellow sisters to take a stand against patriarchy, against oppression, against cultural perceptions and against practices that dis-empower them. I have also read other women’s experiences which have transformed my perceptions about many issues and given me life lessons.

Through Web 2.0, together we are all soaring like eagles.

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Thank you Usha. New technology has indeed helped bring us all together. I would have never known phenomenal women like you if this medium we are using had not given us room to do so.

You got your wings in the air, thanks to new media. There are millions of birds still stranded on the ground.The challenge is in sharing our knowledge with them and help them fly. Best!

Stella Paul Twitter: @stellasglobe

I love your insight into so many issues. Indeed yes, I got mine but you are right there are others who have not whom we need to bring on board and we are trying to bring on board when we reach out to them through our words. Thank you Stella.

I love that emphatic 'yes we will' in your voice! That's what can make a million echo and motivate leagues of women. All my best wishes!

Stella Paul Twitter: @stellasglobe

Hi Madube,

What a wonderful blog, this is what i call a woman, you know what, although we are soaring like eagles, the good news is that we are flying higher than any oyher form of life on this moyher earth. If all women could network together to achieve our goals, very soon women will be flying higher than the eagle, so will our dauhgters, our grand daughters and our great grand daughters,therby creating a legacy for all women for now and the future to come.

we can do it Ma Dube, its high time women should be hunters in the wilderness and not scavengers

inspires to empower and change the lives of women and the youth

Thank you my sister from another mother :-). I think what you are saying is exactly what Pulsewire seeks to do, to break the generational curse of the silencing of women and give us all a voice. No wonder our motto is 'No one speaks for me. I speak for myself'

You're allowed to speak for me on this issue. the Web is great and having the blogs like Pulsewire is really exciting for me. What you may not realize is that many of the young ones on blogs like facebook may not care to go out in the community to engage with reality. Their community on the web is enough to carry them. It is important to be able to reach them through such forum to share your knowledge.

Well done.


Well Ziwoh, thank you. I have always been sharing some of my work on facebook, twitter and linked in but blogging is a recent discovery of mine. When I attended a conference that explained the concept of blogging among other things in 2009, my focus was limited to finding ways of pushing the video advocacy campaign that my organisation had just begun. If only I had paid more attention then, I can imagine the impact I would have had through blogging since then. But then again they do say it is better late than never...

"One blog post can rekindle hope in a woman who had turned hopeless," I really like this sentence. Yesterday, in Facebook someone kept a picture of a woman in the trail room, checking the dresses. Another woman was alerting other women to get rid of these kind of abuses by giving some tips that if your mobile rings but you can not hear, or making call, it means there is hidden camera. Also there are mirrors that are visible for other from another side, it was wonderful to see my fellows around me shocked but in a good way for a new information on evil doers. While reading your post, I could imagine, what are saying. Thanks, Bests, Parwana Fayyaz

Dear Parwana

I am sorry to hear that there are people who do not respect other people's privacy to that extent. I am glad that a campaign has started against these people because if we can not trust that when we try on some clothes in a store no one is looking at us or taking a video of us naked, then how will we ever shop for new clothes. I am glad you identified with my post. Thank you for your support.


Thank you so much my sister. I also can not help being impressed by the wonderful posts I see coming in on the group site. This generation of women is powerful and if anyone still had hopes of taking us back where we came from, where we were silenced then they can dream on. As most of the ladies have pointed out all we need now is to make sure that Web 2.0 technology reaches the grassroots level and this Revolution will be won. I can not see how we could possibly fail to transform our societies when our voices are this powerful.

Thank you for your comment dear Pushpa.

I do hope the 'artistic' words make the difference they are supposed to make and that the art does inspire people to see the meaning in the words. When you write you always want the meaning in your words to hold much more firmly in readers' hearts than the words themselves.



Warm greetings MaDube,

Thank you so much for this compelling piece!

I love the strength, hope and strong visual images that your words evoke.

The reminder that even one blog post can connect us to someone who needs to hear that story or voice on that particular day is a powerful reminder to share our lives and knowledge with each other in a caring manner.

Peace, Ayesha

"Let the beauty of what you love be what you do."

  • Mevlana Jalal-ad-Din Rumi

Thank you so much for reading my post, and for your kind comments. One of my friends always says I am a bit feisty but I have learnt that when it comes to women's empowerment, an attitude of resilience, persistence and strong determination is required otherwise no one will pay attention and we will always abandon ship just when we are about to make breakthroughs.