Though I was born into this world as a complete child, from my age of two I was suffering with a kidney disease. Doctors have told my parent to give up hopes of me. My mother who was about twenty three years old then was not ready to give up, and my father was standing aside her. (Now when I putting these words on this document, tears start streaming) That is how I started struggling to live since I was an infant. In my school time I was sitting somewhere near the play ground looking at how my friends were playing as I was not allowed to hardworking. But my mother showed me a solution to enjoy, it was reading. And then I started writing.

I passed all my exams, entered to the university, won many rewards and now passionate in becoming a powerful voice. What I found in my society is it is very difficult for a girl to stand alone. Even the women around her become evils, because of ignorance or some reasons. Public transportation is not safe for a girl. The war which was in my country Sri Lanka made thousands of women helpless. Many girls engage in prostitution because of “hunger”. The workplace is no longer safe or interesting for an independent girl. I have recent firsthand experience of this. At least verbal harassment that converts the girl a sexual object makes her desperate. In university, in most of the associations the President is a boy. What does this explain; though the world shouts women are given equal opportunities society is not ready to accept it. Not only that; verbal, psychological and physical sexual abuse in these places, make the girls afraid of exposing to the society. In Sri Lanka recently in a school premises a little girl who is in grade three was abducted. This is one of thousands of incidents that are happening in my country and in the whole world. We the women are not safe. These plights of women that I see and that I experience each day make me speak for me and for all. But a single voice is not powerful. One day when I faced a kind of physical abuse in public transport I shouted alone against that man, but not a single person was helping me with his/her voice and the hunter were sarcastically laughing at me. What I have understood is we women should get together to build our own world that we can live peacefully. And the men also should understand us. We are intelligent, we are capable and we are powerful.

That is why I started writing local papers in my country and online magazines and started making films expecting to initiate a change. But what I’m doing is much more challengeable as in my country the men are controlling field of media. I find new media is an ideal strategic tool for me in this situation. And this was the path towards Pulse Wire.

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It is still a man's world. But kudos to your mother for her perseverance and having made a confident girl out of you. Would love to see your films some day. I wish you that your words will bring about the change you wish to see.


I really really appreciate your encouraging response. Yes, my mother is the person whom I follow in my whole life, an iron lady with so soft heart. When I upload my film in social media I'll send you the link. Thank you so much!


Thanks for sharing such a personal story. Glad you took up reading and writing as hobby. Because now you are in ill you are in a place where other women will add their voices to yours against injustice.



A candle looses nothing my lighting another

Thank you very much for the response. And I should say now I'm recovering and in my age of 24! because of my mother and father. Yes, we have to get together and should fight against for injustice. You know after I written my story to Pulse wire I became so much free. And more confidence is with me.


Thank you for sharing your story with us! I think your story speaks to the power of words and the voices of women who stand together for change. The world is lucky to have women like you and your mother to inspire others to join the movement for equality and respect!


Your story is the living proof that women are made to succeed, despite all the difficulties they might encounter! Always stay strong and continue to scream against injustice :)

With friendship! Ke