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My Short Film 'The Wind and the Silence'.


The old lady does not have her family. Her only companions are three goats. One day when she was coming home with three goats a young man comes to her and asks the goats. She refuses. A little girl was looking at their conversation. In the same day night she remembers her lost family. Next day she goes out with goats and she is just having a nap while the goats are wandering. But when she gets up the goats are no longer there. She searches and searches in vein. At last she goes towards the sea. The little girl who witnessed the previous conversation comes to the sea shore with another goat and looks at the old lady who is leaving.

(All the characters in the film are general people in Jaffna, previousely war affected area. The life story of the old lady whom I found for the main character after I wrote the script made me think that I have written her own story, She told that she had 400 goats before the war and now it is four goats remaining. She has become psychologically affected when she lost her daughter, and still she is under medication. Her husband whose livelihood is fishing is taking care of her.)


Dear Madu, Both the synopsis of your film and the story of the woman who plays the part are very sad. Your pictures are beautiful. Warm wishes, rozjean

Yes, I know that. I want to build a bridge among the ethnic groups in my country and ensure long lasting peace. So understanding the lives of people is the only thing that we can create harmony, and via my film I want to make the other groups feel the life of those people represent in the film and have to stand with them. That is my dream. We all are same, we all breath same air!! Picture courtesy: Kelum , the editor of my film