A quick surf of the World Wide Web is just what I need to start my day…everyday. A snapshot of the world in near real-time always gives me a great sense of wakefulness - of being a small component of a big world that is in effect not so big. Immediacy has been redefined; it is incredible to say the least. It is this ability to stay current that really excites me about Web 2.0. The convergence of so many media is a boost to my creativity, particularly my three great loves -photography, writing and film. Everyday I learn something new.

And that’s not all. The fact I can write, edit, and disseminate my thoughts and opinions, defiant and dissimilar as they are, to so many people is quite liberating – no nasty gatekeepers to silence me! Nothing beats the independence of doing what I enjoy while sharing my thoughts on things that interest me most and with like-minded people. Sometimes I simply like Web 2.0 as it enables me to reconnect with long lost friends and make new ones, regardless of the physical barriers.Time and space are now seemingly inconsequential.

For women, Web 2.0 is the perfect tool to help remove the gag over our mouths. To help us interact amongst ourselves for a common cause. To strategize on new ways to claim and enjoy our rights. To share widely on lobby and advocacy actions that can be replicated. To educate and inform each other on our universal and lived struggles and triumphs. To strengthen one another as well as understand each other as women. To create one big voice that will be heard across borders and bring rights violators to account. To take the women’s struggle a step further as our story is rewritten from our own perspective. To help women organize and build a global collective that will raise awareness for action and transform women's lives.

For me, the information revolution is an exciting phenomenon and there are no limits as to how much I can learn. When I contemplate a world without social media within the context of my country Zimbabwe, the picture is a bleak one. Mainstream media, has long suffered under repressive laws and general mistrust from the state. Their reach and influence has always been restricted and the population starved of information. Web 2.0 offers an avenue for uninhibited communication (with responsibility) that fosters freethinking and tolerance. Through the use of Web 2.0 I have and can continue to be a Truth-seeker and Story-teller. Now I can tell my story louder than before. This far it has helped me grow as a writer, giving and receiving criticism and feedback. I can be more aware of the world of women through their personal stories. I can organize my ideas well for wider sharing on the situation of women in my country. I can get to know women from all walks of life and build my network, with women who want better for womankind. Women like me!

Take action! This post was submitted in response to Voices of Our Future Application: Empowerment and Web 2.0.


I am more and more convinced that you should be writing far more often than you do. I like the energy in this, and the truth it brings out. We definitely can use Web 2.0 for our leisure, but at the same time, it's this powerful platform for women to hold hands (virtually) and fight oppression.

The question, though, is how to get ALL women having access, since at this point in time, Web 2.0 remains a middle class thing.

Great start!

from today i live out of my imagination i am more than my yesterday tomorrow i plant a new seed nothing that lies behind easy nothing that is ahead real my within is all i have today Napo Masheane

You are so right Fungie and let me make a pledge - I will do a lot more. As for making Web 2.0 widely available - in Zimababwe the key could be in mobile phone technology which I must say is quite pervasive to a level we once never imagined.


I love your description about the freedom for writers online to express themselves without the "nasty gatekeepers" and the idea of weaving women together through Web 2.0. Many people lose sight of all the opportunities the new media landscape offers, but you are courageous in your enthusiasm and desire to utilize Web 2.0 as a positive tool for growth and education. I also relate to needing to survey the world's happenings each day to feel ready and alert:)

Great post!

Speaking of how people lose sight of the opportunities, I have had several debates with colleagues about the usefulness of facebook. Most believe that facebook is a nuisance, at best a distraction that robs the employer of valuable work hours. But I think we are past that debate as a global collective and there are ways to minimise this problem. They also contend, and this is what gets me, that facebook is responsible for the loss of morality (long story), and therefore we should stir clear of it. I can understand this to the extent that Zimbabweans are a traditional/conservative lot, but I so wish they would snap out of it and concentrate on the pros if they are the same people who have expressed a need for better observance of democratic ideals - freedom of speech, women empowerment and participation etc....sigh we have a long way to go! Sometimes culture and tradition can be a restricting factor (gate-keeping again!). Though I must say the younger people are really taking it forward, regardless.


The 'gag' over our mouths really exists in our world in the form of society, government restrictions, professional ethos and religious expectations. But as you said it rightly, with web 2.0 we can be truth-seekers and truth-tellers on a platform with no limits. Well said Maggs.

Especially after it was shown through the arab revolution the potential that the web 2.0 usage has to revolutionize the world as we know it. Britain's PM actually spoke about shutting web 2.0 resources when faced with disturbances in countries to limit communication and more violence.

It seems cloaking the eyes of the people would make it seem like a government is adequate at governing

I love the title is so perfect, reading this, make me thing about what the writers usually feel when they are working, this was so new for me. Go Girl! you are really good transmiting your message to others! good work with this one. I really enjoy!