''The smile on your face lets me know that you need me There's a truth in your eyes saying you'll never leave me The touch of your hand says you'll catch me whenever I fall You say it best.. when you say nothing at all....''

It was New Year’s Eve and I had checked my watch for the tenth time in five minutes since I got at the café. I was going to finally meet him that evening. I had mixed feelings working within me. I was excited to meet him; we had been corresponding through e-mails and over the phone for the last six months. I was scared as I had never been in a situation like this before-meeting a stranger. Again, I was getting anxious as he hadn’t arrived till then. I waited too long to meet him but somehow waiting those few minutes for him was becoming almost impossible.

I have had many pen pals but never had I fallen in love with anyone of them, or at least that is what I thought even before I had met him. I had only read about it in the romance novels or seen it in the romantic movies - love at first sight or of complete strangers, who only write to each other, fall in love and then they meet one fine day or in many of the rare ones they don’t even meet.

The minute he arrived at the café, we both nervously started talking. Amidst all this shyness and hesitance, I noticed his gestures and postures. Soon the awkwardness went away and we could talk easily. And that was the beginning of an amazing friendship. The more I got to know him, the more I fell in love with him. We are definitely not a romantic couple but what we have is very special something that not everyone can understand. We understand each others’ silence. But it was the warmth of his touch that made me fall for him; it was the first time when he held my hand to help me cross the road, when I felt it. There is something about his touch, it gives me the assurance that no matter what the circumstances are or where we are, if ever I am in need of help, he is going to be there by my side.

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I am in love with you first stanza.It is so deep and true.it gives a sense of deep emotions and satisfaction .your journal has so much of strength. It proves the power of touching hand with warmth.This is a rare occurrence that pen pals can be good friends and you are one of the,. I m glad to hear this and wish you happiness for your amazing friendship.You proved that no matter how distant we all live, we can be connected by hearts.

Peace and Love pooza

Hey Pooza,

The first stanza? As in the one which starts with ''It was New Year's Eve''? If you meant this then thank you :) (because the four line before this one is a part of one of my favorite songs by Ronan Keatings. I love this song esp these four lines so I quoted it.) Like I mentioned in my journal, I have had many pen pals but it was only him whom I could meet up without having any hesitation or doubt...and all this was possible because he made it possible! He is a stranger turned into pen pal and now he means more than just a friend to me. He is one person who can make me cry and smile at the same time. He always brings a smile to my face even when I am really down. We fight A LOT... and make up again. We both have immense respect for each other despite our many differences. Despite our distances and the fact that everyone's really bz with studies and work, whenever we talk or meet, we have an amazing time. :)

Once again thank you for your comment. :)

Cya around

Take Care


The entire piece is utterly amazing. I loved your relationship. I wish you both are always together and always share a good time together.I am glad to know that you feel good when he is with you and he means a lot to you.I must thanx him that he is the sole person to bring a smile on your face. Thank You for expressing your feelings. i really loved reading it. I am glad to have you here and excited that i found a new freind. please feel free to ask any thing without any hesitation. Your queries are always welcomed. We have wonderful friends in world pulse. we have Fatima, jade, Jode, carri and many more.They all are there to help you in every possible way. It good that you have tried to overcome your shyness.It feel relief when we open our heart to some one.and, world pulse is such a place where we can jot down any thing .

Be always happy Peace pooza

Dear Maha,

The line about holding hands as you crossed the road reminded me how a simple touch can communicate a bond in way that even 1000 words could not. You have created an exciting friendship, one built on real communication, discussion, the ability to freely be yourself and speak your mind, to agree or disagree, to forgive and be supportive. Yes, this is a love relationship that will allow you to grow and remain friends forever.

Everybody should be so lucky as to have such good friendships.


Dear Frances,

Thank you for the wonderful comment. What the two of us have is really special.I am more than grateful to have a friend like him in my life.